Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interview, Gallifrey, and BBCA

Some quick announcements, in between questions and deadlines and things:

I've done my first ever podcast interview, for the geek-ninjas over at Geek Syndicate. We discussed all things telly/filmy/timey-wimey, Torchwood, Doctor Who, my other writing work, and yet somehow I *still* managed to mention Hitler. Anyway, I had loads of fun doing it, so check it out. It's online here from 5pm today, you can download it and listen to it at your leisure. Edit: You want podcast 66, or just click here.

And I am doing my first ever convention, as a guest - Gallifrey One, a Doctor Who and science fiction convention with panels, videos, and all sorts, in L.A. next month. L.A. in America. I know.

I'm very excited about this, for all the obvious reasons, but also for some of the guests that I'll get to meet - among others, there'll be Paul Cornell, The Moff, Rob Shearman, Sylvester blimmin McCoy, and Sophie blimmin Aldred, for God's sake. I'll get to meet the 7th Doctor! And Ace!

(wees pants a little bit)

Anyway, if you're in the vicinity, come and see me talk nonsense. I'm on lots of panels, and will be doing a live commentary on my Torchwood episode, Sleeper, which should be fun.

And finally, my TW episode hits BBC America this Saturday, at 9pm. It's repeated several times over the following weeks, too, so watch it. If you have that channel, of course. It's also on HD-Net on the 18th Feb, uncut and in HD.

Edit: Oh, and my Wikipedia page has been updated, bigstyle - I look like a proper writer and everything. It's got *sections*. Blimey.


Michael Lee said...

Looking forward to meeting you at Gallifrey! It should be a lot of fun, it usually is...

Rob Shearman said...

Looking forward to seeing you too, mate! Oh, the fun we'll have - the warm(er) weather, the swimming pool, the late night drinking - the baiting of Sylvester McCoy!

barry nugent said...

Thanks again for coming on to do the interview James. It was great stuff!

Paul Cornell said...

I'm really looking forward to meeting you. Though I'm pretty sure I have better bladder control.

James Moran said...

Michael: Cheers! Can't wait to get there and see what it's like.

Rob: You had me at "late night drinking".

Barry: My pleasure, guv!

Paul: Then I propose a bladder-off - 5 pints of water, we'll see who cracks first. I'll take you all on!

Cunningham said...

Ah yes, the brits are hitting town to practice their own form of mad pulp bastardry...I'll wear a cup.

I still plan on buying a round or twenty when you get here. Bringing Shawna along so we'll all have to hit the bars for late night and early morning drinking ... lots to blab about.

Dozeymagz said...

Can you smuggle me into your suitcase so I can come too? I promise I'll pay for excess baggage!

I'll be good - I promise!

*sighs in dribbly envy at all the lucky people going*

IAmATVJunkie said...

While in LA at Gallifrey, I would love to get a few minutes with you for my blog.

I hope we can make that happen.

You can find me at


Scaryduck said...

My wikipedia entry had sections.

Then somebody decided I was "non-notable".

Those were the days....