Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Torchwood approacheth

We are mere hours - hours! - away from the new series of Torchwood tomorrow, so here’s a quick rundown of the schedules:

The new episodes are on Wednesday nights, BBC2, 9pm. The pre-watershed repeats are the next day, Thursday, at 7pm on BBC2. Torchwood Declassified is on right after the pre-watershed version, at 7.50pm. *Except* this week – the pre-watershed and Declassified aren't on until next Wednesday at 7pm and 7.50pm, because of extreme knitting (or whatever sporting event is currently on). The Wednesday 9pm originals are repeated the same night at 11.30pm on BBC3.

If I have managed to totally confuse the issue, then here’s a simple list of the first three episodes and times:

Episode 1: Wednesday 16th, 9pm, BBC2.
Episode 1: Wednesday 16th, 11.30pm, BBC3.
Episode 1 (pre-watershed version): Wednesday 23rd, 7pm BBC2.
Torchwood Declassified 1: Wednesday 23rd, 7.50pm, BBC2.

Episode 2: Wednesday 23rd, 9pm BBC2.
Episode 2: Wednesday 23rd, 11.30pm, BBC3.
Episode 2 (pre-watershed version): Thursday 24th, 7pm BBC2.
Torchwood Declassified 2: Thursday 24th, 7.50pm, BBC2.

Episode 3: Wednesday 30th, 9pm BBC2.
Episode 3: Wednesday 30th, 11.30pm, BBC3.
Episode 3 (pre-watershed version): Thursday 31st, 7pm BBC2.
Torchwood Declassified 3: Thursday 31st, 7.50pm, BBC2.

Episode 2 is my one, it’s called Sleeper. For people worried about the pre-watershed versions, that we’ve watered it down or something, don't worry. We didn't even know about it while we were writing. All they're doing is editing a version which is suitable to watch before the watershed, which means no swearing or excessive blood/gore. And that's it. For example, if someone gets shot in the head and there's a blood splash, they'll just trim or remove the blood splash - but the person still gets shot in the head, so it's not making it "kiddie-friendly" or anything. It just means it can be shown before 9pm.

I haven't seen the pre-watershed version of mine yet, but I can't imagine it being that much different. Except for one particular word, which will definitely need to be snipped out. See if you can figure out which one that is, when you watch. I'm still amazed that it stayed in, and I think it may even be the first occurrence of it on TV. It was everyone's favourite line in the readthrough and script meetings, too. And no, I don't mean the C-word, it's sort of a swearword combo. But you'll have to watch the 9pm version to hear it. Yes, I'm very proud...


Dom Carver said...

My DVD recorder is primed and ready. However, it's a Philips, and we all know about Philips products. I hope it records.

Anonymous said...

any idea if the Declassified's will be online again? and if that will be before the pre-watershed repeat?

Dan said...

The thing that concerns me about this pre-watershed snipping is it must surely mean TW's storylines can't be too "adult" now.

I mean, you're not going to be able to show that episode that amounted to "Alien Fight Club" at 7 pm, are you? Even if you got rid of the the blood/swearing, you'll still encounter kids asking mummy why "that man is hitting that poor alien".

For that reason, I'm thinking TW S2 is going to backtrack on its "adult sc-fi" remit, in the face of criticism. Not that it's a bad thing, but I hope they don't gab on about it being "for adults" this year... when it's clearly for pretty much everyone (give or take the odd splash of blood and f-word). :)

hotzappa11 said...

I'm actually bothering to watch Torchwood this time, James.

By the way, what's going over at PFD? It seems they've all moved to United Agents, (which doesn't accept material, bugger!), and you're agent (including his puppy) are nowhere to found on either pages, or perhaps I'm just not looking in the right place. *shrugs* Who knows?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to your episode. Fuck-a-doodle-doo!

Anonymous said...

Wow James, your blog intrigues me. I'm going to be looking out for that word combo thingy throughout the entire episode. I bet I miss it! :P

Lady Muck said...

When's it on again? :)

James Moran said...

faldor: Don't know yet, but I know there's a video interview with me that was done for the site (which should go up after the episode airs). I hope the Declassifieds are online too, though.

Hotzappa: There were some... shenanigans at PFD, which you can read about here, and most of the agents buggered off to form United Agents. Mine went to The Agency (and took me with him), but I don't think he's on their site yet.

Dan: The storylines are as adult as ever, most of the episodes were written and filmed before we even knew this was going to happen. They're simply making an extra version that can be shown before the watershed - lots of younger people want to watch, we're just making it easier for them. Many adult shows could have some swearing and/or blood snipped out and be shown before 9pm, that wouldn't necessarily mean that 3-year olds could or should watch - they still have adult themes. I'm sure most parents would watch it first to see if they think their kid is okay with it. I don't know if they're doing versions of the first series - but if they did, the one you mention would still be fine. If the kid gets upset about people hitting each other, then they obviously shouldn't watch it, or anything similar - apparently when I was very young, I'd cry when Sooty and Sweep started hitting each other, saying "why can't they just be friends?" So I was probably too young for Torchwood at that stage...

geordie: I doubt you'll miss it! It's quite in your face, so to speak...

LadyMuck: Ooh, you scamp - no biscuit for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Heat loves ya, baby! Did anyone point you towards this preview on their TV recs page for next Wednesday?

"In the new, improved second series, burglars invade a couple's home and knock the husband unconscious, only to be somehow murdered. Did Beth, the seemingly harmless wife, kill them? Captain Jack is convinced she's an alien, which seems the obvious assumption given that we're watching Torchwood. What follows strongly recalls the Terminator movies, with some of the best comedy lines yet. Top notch."

I was looking forward to this ep even without the mighty endorsement of Heat, of course...!

hotzappa11 said...

Cheers, James. In a way it feels like revenge after they rejected all those many moons ago :), well, last year. Still, onwards and upwards or something like that.

By the way, you're name is on there, but in the bit where they mention what's on TV.

lilmissrocker said...

Sounds brilliant! I am so excited.

Thanks for explaining about Declassified. I was wondering about that.

Been waiting for a year for series two, and I'm sure it won't disappoint!

Oli said...

Ah, I fondly remember the episode of Sooty and Sweep where Sue clubbed Sweep over the head and declared "He's meat. We're all just... meat."

Happy days.

Looking forward to the episode.

Anonymous said...

Just saw an spoilerish pic from your episode on Digital Spy. Looks terrific :)


James Moran said...

rivier: Cheers for that, didn't know it was out - I shall snap up a copy.

Hotzappa: Ooh, didn't see that either, ta!

Oli: Sue was kind of creepy. There's a funny blooper where Sweep obviously jumps a cue, and Sue says, in that calm, dead voice: "Shut up Sweep. You've come in too early." It's hilarious, yet terrifying.

Anon: Ooh, where, where??

Anonymous said...


Lina said...

I'm not going insane, I promise. *Passes out*. Ok, maybe I'm doing triple back flips and singing like the Barrowman but I'm ok... really...

*Cough* Prepare to get even more flailed at in the next two days. Take a deep breath sir cause in a day and two hours, a LOT of people will have seen your episodes trailer and be wiggling in anticipation for it!

Dozeymagz said...

I've been sat on my lovely comfy sofa since the very stroke of midnight - just to make sure that nothing untoward happens to my TV. Got to keep an eye on these pesky things sometimes you know... But, worry not, I have several others around, just in case the unthinkable happens...

Now I'm guessing the naughty wordy bit is....
'Fishcake-tweezers' - *gasp* can I say that on the internet?!!!

Jools not James said...

I can confirm the Sooty and Sweep angst. James also displayed massive concern for Harry Corbett, when Sooty used to be VERY naughty and squirt him with a water pistol. He used to get really upset and angry and shout: "DON'T PUT WATER ON MAN!!!!!!!!"

Mars said...

Mr. Moran, you're a right tease, you are! LOL. Can't wait to watch your episode. Is there a chance you could reveal who utters the surprising combo obscenity? Or at least if it's one of the Torchwood team?

I was also wondering if the writers were told about the interactive game going on in the BBC Torchwood website, or if it was a completely separate project.

Happy Torchwood Day!!!

Rosby said...

Oh dear. I was meant to leave you a suitably ironic and friendly and hopefully witty comment regarding all this, but I can think of is...I CAN FEEL THE SQUEE RIGHT DOWN TO MY FINGERTIPS.


Robin said...

Is it "nunshitter"?

Peter Pan said...

Coolio. Pics can be seen here:
From the trailer, I am thinking they may be spoilers actually, so aside from James, view at your own peril!