Thursday, January 17, 2008

Torchwood S2 arrives, with previews and trailers

Well, the first episode has well and truly landed - landed, punched you, then snogged your face off. Hope it took you there, and that many pants were soiled at various moments (I know mine were). I hate to keep gushing on, but I think it's bloody fab, and just bucketloads of fun.

My episode is next week, and if you run - run! - to your nearest newsagent, you can see some preview pics of it in SFX, in their massive Torchwood feature starting on page 48 (and Chris Chibnall refers to my "choice phrase" on page 54...) This week's Heat has a lovely review too, the 19th-25th Jan issue, in the telly bit on page 111 (thanks to the mighty Jason Arnopp, although he made me do terrible, terrible things for that good review - I can never look at a pomegranate again). And it's also mentioned (the episode, not the pomegranate) in the current issue of the Radio Times on page 88, who have it as one of their choices of the day, although they are slightly concerned about the descent into "schlock". So if you have a schlock allergy, you might want to shut your eyes now and again. They also use the superb phrase "violent pandemonium" (even though they don't think it's a good thing). Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a solid gold recommendation. Torchwood! With added schlock, and scenes of violent pandemonium! Fun for all the family! It's lovely to be in the RT though, and to see my very own listing on page 90, with my name on the episode and everything. Nice.

If you're nowhere near a shop, and want an immediate info kick, there's a brief but really nice (spoilery) Digital Spy preview here.

There was a "coming soon" trailer at the end of last night's episode, so hopefully that's got you all intrigued, and stuff. What? Your TV exploded before you could see it? Not to worry, YouTube is on the case. (new link, now viewable outside UK) It's the long trailer we saw at the press screening. There's lots of bonkers and freaky stuff coming up, so keep your eyeballs glued to your TV screens.

Obviously don't *actually* glue your eyeballs to the screen. You won't see the screen properly, will go blind, and probably damage the telly. Never, ever do anything I say. But watch the show.


Dom Carver said...

I once super glued my fingers together on my right hand. It was a very silly thing to do and very painful.

Rosby said...

It was good, it was good. So bloody fantastic!

(God, you should have seen my reaction last night. I had to restrain myself from going ultrasonic.)

Looking forward to Sleeper, and the blood and shark-fin arms that it will bring.

(I say shark-fin arms because I have no idea what they are. But it looks great!)

Mame Dennis said...

Great first episode. A lot of fun. Jack and Ianto's scene in the office was done so well. Awkward, yet honest. JB and GDL have great chemistry. Even my husband, who is very open-minded and usually has a hard time seeing chemistry between two men, has commented on it.

I'll admit that I'm really hoping there isn't a Gwen-Jack-Ianto love triangle. I'm not a big fan of the "will they or won't they" dance.

James Marsters really spiced things up.

And this "new" Captain Jack is so much better than dark and brooding Jack.

I'm looking forward to your episode next week and enjoyed reading you excitement about it!

Oli said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode, James Marsters was great value. Looking forward to violent pandemonium next week.

hotzappa11 said...

I enjoyed the episode but did anyone else think James Masters accent was a bit off? Perhaps it's just me. Oh, and it's definetly improved from the 1st series but I still don't find it amazing, perhaps it's because my expectations are too high. *shurgs* Who knows? But I am looking forward to your episode next week.

P.S. I thought the prosthetics for the guy with the fish for a head were good, except, when he spoke. :)

h said...

i can't believe jim robinson is going to be in TW. i mean, spike is one thing, but jim robinson?? blimey.

(my word verification is 'erifrx', which sounds like some galaxy dr who would visit. how apt.)

geordie_star said...

I can't wait to see your episode next week. It all sounds very exciting. Episode 1 was AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear writer, just watched 2 preview clips of your episode and I can't wait. It's going to be like waiting for KKBB all over again.

"No one knows more than I do!"


Mame Dennis said...

Just saw the previews! OMG! This is the one with Ianto's snarky "end of the world" comment! I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that after this episode airs, I'm coming to come back here and say that you're brilliant!

Lina said...



james henry said...

Excellent review in the Guardian Guide as well - mentions you by name.

Quite looking forward to Wednesday.

Nathan said...

I adore torchwood and cant wait to watch Sleeper. One day I hope to be a writer for this sort of thing but I know its hard to get there... cant wait again.... :D

I know this is a bit iffy to put here but I have some writing on my deviantart account... if you get a moment (i know your probably inundated with writing stuff at the mo) could you have a look... thanks in advance

James Moran said...

Thank you all, for looking forward to my ep, I hope you all like it. If you don't, then I shall scream and scream and scream until I'm sick. You have been warned.

matt said...

The Radio Times thing can bee seen here:

Dozeymagz said...

Gosh! Thought Ep1 was really totally jolly smashing!!!
Can't wait for the next one - though I've never heard of the chap who wrote it! Better be good though or I'm demanding my telly license pennies back!
By the way - misread your words there a bit - thought it read "violent pendulum". Had all sorts of images of nasty vicious grandfather clocks and other swinging devices wreaking havoc in downtown Cardiff in my head for a moment.
Think it is surely time for my medication again!

Dim said...

Oh curse you! Guards! Seize him! I was bitterly disappointed by Torchwood series one, and sniggered at the opener for Series Two. Now I shall have to watch Sleeper because it comes so highly recommended (I met Danny Stack last week, and he spoke of you in moving terms) Oh, it better be reeeeeaaaal goooooood! But no pressure.