Monday, January 21, 2008

Torchwood - Sleeper trailer, pics, and early reviews

Official trailer for Sleeper:

[Edit: Oops! It's been taken down, because the MAN wants to stop the TRUTH from getting out - the video was just too dangerous to be seen. So you're lucky you're not looking at it right now, otherwise your mind would be blown by the TRUTH BOMBS that the trailer would be dropping. Er, trailer's gone, sorry, hopefully there'll be an official one I can link to soon.]

Booga-booga-booga! Spooky goings-on! Thanks to Salina for finding the link.

Some more Torchywoody links for your naughty pleasure:

BBC Wallpaper images from Sleeper (UK only, but go here if you're outside the UK for a text only version - thanks to Sebastian for the link)

Looking at the above images, if you click this one here (or this one if you're outside the UK), and look at the chair in the background - that's where I managed to sit at one point while on set, eating a sandwich, completely failing to realise I was right in the middle of the shot. They moved me before the cameras rolled.

A Grauniad review of episode 1, and a surprisingly positive look ahead to my episode - I say surprisingly, because of the few sniffy reviews Severance got, the Grauniad one was the sniffiest of all. So I was expecting more... sniffiness? Sorry, it gets complicated when you start making up word variations. I realise that each reviewer has a different opinion on everything, but still. This bloke was really nice about it, so I forgive you, Grauniad. I forgive you! We can be best friends forever!

Also in the Grauniad's free Guide supplement this week (thanks to James Henry for spotting it first), there's a really cool writeup for Sleeper, which is extremely positive and nice. It even mentions me by name, along with a shout out for Severance. Thanks again, Grauniad! I love you! I fancy you! Phwoarrr, Grauniad!

The Radio Times review is here (thanks to Matt from the comments for spotting it) - I still can't figure out if the reviewer liked it or not, but it's a pick of the day, so I've decided it's a score in the positive column. Even if he didn't like it, he still makes it sound cool: "...what begins as an intense and claustrophobic mystery ends with violent pandemonium." Hey, I'd watch that.

There's some big, sexy announcements coming soon, so hang on to your socks. If you are not wearing socks, hang on to your mum's socks. If she's not wearing any, then God help us all...


Anonymous said...

Ooh, and The Times loves you too! This from David Chater in their TV Choice for Wednesday 23 (which isn't online yet, so I can't get you a fancy-schmantzy link, sorry!):

"Torchwood fans are in for a real treat tonight, with one of the strongest episodes to date. It begins with a burglary that has unforeseen consequences. The terrified householder (Nikki Amuka-Bird) slaughters both her intruders, but appears to remember nothing about it. Nor does she begin to understand what Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) is talking about when he yells at her, "Stop wasting our time! We know you're an alien!" As it turns out, she isn't all that she sems - but there is nothing she can do about it.

As well as being funny, exciting and scary, the story touches on what it means to be human and the extent to which people are responsible for their actions."

Nice having the broadsheets humping your leg, eh!

Sebastian Jones said...

The link below can be used to download from outside the UK - it's from the text-only option on the website - very ugly interface but it does the job.

Peter Pan said...

Ah ... they filmed some of your ep at my mates workplace ... he has some lovely photos of the filming.

Anonymous said...

I'm only in it for the violent pandaemonium.

Dozeymagz said...

Socks at the ready good sir.

..... Is it ok if they're not quite as freshly smelly as a new mowed lawn filled with spring flowers? I need to know whether this will make a difference or whether I have to force myself to do the washing.
Will the sexy announcements suffer any in their impact if the socks in question are a bit whiffy?

James Moran said...

rivier: Cheers for that, that's really cool. Blimey, broadsheet love.

Sebastian: Thank you sir, I have updated the links, very handy.

Peter: Which bit (non-spoilery if possible)?? I was on set for some filming, I may have been there, lurking.

Austin-Powys: Best. Username. Ever.

Magz: Socks can be in any condition, as long as you hang on to them tightly.

Lucy said...

My Mum only wears tan tights. Does this mean the world will end? Please advise, I may need to get out the Apocalypse kit.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody knows more than I do!"

I love it already.

Lina said...

I am sad to say that the link is busted on the trailer. :( Silly YouTube took down the trailer that was costing someone somewhere money and not at all being good advertising for Torchwood. The only other thing around is the spoilery preview but.

Jools not James said...

Will we need incontinence pants? I need to be prepared for all eventualities.

Peter Pan said...

Peter: Which bit (non-spoilery if possible)?? I was on set for some filming, I may have been there, lurking.

it involved the SUV, and Gwen and Jack bringing the guest star out of a door .... that should give you enough to go on! I'll try and get him to put them online after it airs and pop a link back here.

James Moran said...

Peter: Yes! I was there that whole day. Let me know if he puts them up somewhere, that was a very cool day.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaand - now you're namechecked in the site's blurb for the upcoming Declassified too -

Aha, so we'll get to see you on screen! Does that mean we can expect cute screencaps and icons of you, complete with saucy quotes, to be popping up all over livejournal in the next few days?

James Moran said...

Rivier: Yep, I'll be on screen, talking away - they interviewed me about every possible aspect of the ep, don't know how much they'll use, but I'm in there. I expect the screencap and icon trade is more than happy with the Captains and Ianto to want to stick my mug on...

Ruth Newman said...

From Heat (yes, I do have a subscription, ahem):

" [descrip. of the plot] ... with some of the best comedy lines yet. Top notch." They also says it's reminiscent of the Terminator movies, which can only be a good thing (well, apart from III). Can't wait!

evil twinz said...

Couldn't decide how to go about this, so here's some alternate versions for you:


SENSIBLE: Have a great time tonight.

MAN TO MAN: [Gruff] Nice one. Man.

YODA: You have scaled the mountain of writing harshness and slipped into a deluge of success like a dolphin into a giant raspberry jelly young grasshopper.

Take your pick. Have fun!

Luv Mike

Amanda said...

How about a mix of sensible and yoda?

Have a great time in raspberry jelly tonight!

Peter Pan said...

Bugger .. posted this in the wrong set of comments initially ..
Think they may be spoilery ... so view at your peril (except Jimbo .. assuming you now the ending mate!)

with thanks to Matt Latham for taking the pics!

James Moran said...

Cheers for those, Peter - from the looks of it, I was standing about ten feet to the left of Matt for part of that day, it was great fun. Nice!

Peter Pan said...

My pleasure fella!

He just sent me a ton more .. and a short video clip.... so added those too.

Lucy said...

Amanda - don't encourage Mike! He's one of my many (non-blood) relations and was dropped on his head at birth.

Raspberry jelly for christ's sake. ORANGE. Durr.

Dim said...

Oh, there's gonna be trouble now. Due to temporal instability in the fabric of the house, we didn't get to see the ep until tonight (24th)and oooooooh it was gooood. Can you go back in time and rewrite the whole of the first series so it doesn't look like "Carry on X Files"? Actual tension, interesting plot, funny lines, 3d characters, no attention seeking sex games...Brilliant. Way above the line. Have they sent your Knighthood yet?

Joe B. said...

Congrats on an amazing episode. Although I like all kinds of episodes of Torchwood (there are as many different types of eps as there are writers writing them, in my opinion) this one had all the stuff I love from all of them.

Nikki Amuka-Bird and Eve were particularly good scene partners and it's great to see Ianto get all pithy all over the place. The show needs that.

Outstanding work.

And I know that there are those who have gotten snippy with the show, all seem to want it to be this or that, I like all the things Torchwood is.

I loved Countrycide and Random Shoes and the first series finale last year and I enjoyed this series' premiere.

And I like that the show switches up from time to time. You can't always be the same ol' thing.