Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sleeper tonight on BBCA

Quick reminder for USA people: my TW episode is on BBC America tonight - Saturday, at 9pm. I hear that from Monday, the BBCA's on demand service will have the episodes available to watch, and not edited for ad break time - but any content cuts will still be there. If you can wait, it's also on HD-Net on the 18th Feb, uncut and in HD.

If anyone knows of a list of edits for the BBCA version, please let me know, I'm very curious to see what gets snipped.


Melissa said...

Somehow or another, "fuckflaps" got through the censor. I heard it loud and clear! Awesome!

Melissa said...

Sorry. Me again. FYI--3 scenes were edited or outright deleted and some establishing shots were shortened. The scene with Gwen and Beth talking about the medical tests was deleted. The scene in the SUV where Jack stops to get the radio is deleted. The freezing scene is shortened. Owen gives Beth the shot then it cuts to commercial. When it comes back to the hub (after the sleepers activate) Ianto is pushing the drawer closed.

Anonymous said...


Well, it should be about 6am your time and I just got finished watching your TW episode.

I don't mean to gush, but......(remember Rae, it is just a comment, keep it short and sweet)

Impressed. Geeking out that I have actually met somone once in my life that has anything at all to do with the DW universe. Enjoyed it. Great work on the Beth character. Very sad bit at the end though, got a little teary.

In short, cheers to you and thank you!!!

Looking forward to your DW episode.

P.S. You were right all along, my favorite part WAS the giant prawns! ;)

IAmATVJunkie said...

My post of the episode, hardly the inside story that yours is, but I loved it and thought Nikki was outstanding and the story very compelling.

If you'll be at Gallifrey, I'd love a few minutes with you for my blog.


Christian J said...

Holy crap. I thought for sure us Yanks would miss out on "fuckflaps" on BBCA.

Congratulations, sir. You've done America a great favor.

Anya said...

You gave me some Final Draft advice once over at Lucy's place so thought I would drop by and say I too loved your Torchwood ep... I'm a Brit but live with a Yank in NY and had forgotten how great actual English-English is. Now I will say fuckflaps wherever possible just to see my husband's face turn inwards like he's sucking a lemon. I can't wait until we have babies now so I can teach it to them too.

Anonymous said...

FYI, content cuts look like they're put back for the BBCA VOD. They're calling them "Director's Cuts."

Lina said...

Teehee! Burn Gorman for the win!

Did the email make it through this time?

Joan said...

If you can bear to read another review, by a Yank no less, mine's up at The House Next Door. (It's all good! Really.)

erika said...

OH! I forgot to mention. . . loved the "Murder She Wrote" reference. . . HEE!