Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Rift

Calling all Torchwood fans: Are you based in the UK? If not, can you get over here? Fancy meeting Gareth David-Lloyd? Eve Myles? Alan Dale? And - blimey - James Marsters??

If you fancy some of that action, then get yourself down to "The Rift", a one day Torchwood event in London on Saturday April 26th. The aforementioned pretty and talented actors will be there, along with Richard "the producer" Stokes, Chris "the Chibber" Chibnall, and an extremely talented, handsome, up and coming writer called - oh, how embarrassing! It's me!

There will panels, discussions, Q&A's, autograph sessions with everyone, actor photo sessions, and your ticket will also get you into James Marsters' concert that evening. You'll get to see and meet the pretty actors, up close - and us not so pretty behind-the-scenes types, but we have all the juicy gossip, and know where the bodies are buried.

All the details of the event can be found here, so keep an eye on it for updates. I'm very excited about it, because I'll get to meet James Marsters - I've been a fan of his ever since I saw him stride on-screen in the "School Hard" episode of Buffy, and thought he was fantastic as Captain John. I can't wait to meet the lovely UK Torchwood fans, who have been so good to us online, I'm also thrilled about meeting Alan Dale, and it's always lovely to see the rest of the TW gang. So come along and see us, it's all good clean fun.

Well, maybe not *clean*, this is Torchwood after all. But it'll definitely be fun.


Lucy said...

Yes that's lovely James but I think I speak for everyone in the known universe when I ask:

Will you be indulging in a nudey session live on stage with all those goregous actors, Manumission style??


One person in the known universe said...

Speak for yourself missy.

Mame Dennis said...

UK Torchwood fans...

AND US. I was very lucky that this is occurring during my annual spring trip to the UK. I'm very excited!

Lina said...

I heard about this and it sounds AMAZING. Alas, the woes of being a broke college student. You have a smashing good time being all superstar again. (While I weep in a jealous despair) lmao.

Put in a good word for Gallifrey, k? The more Torchwood in the US the better. :-D ...You should probably not mention the space virus and banana-enthused waitresses.

Rosby said...

GRAGH. Can't make this one; could never get any more days off work than I already have.

I'll live; I'm seeing Barrowman about a week before. But still. Damn it.

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

Doesn't a show have to become 'retro' before you have events like this?

I'm sure Star Trek was getting on before fans started to gather.

Perhaps I'm just not able to move with the times any more :)

Anyway, have fun.

Dozeymagz said...

*Throws herself on the floor in grand Toddler Tantrum style*


*Continues to cry, sob and sulk uncontrollably for the best part of this week because I can't go*

Anonymous said...

You know what?

When I thought about going I went all 'Oh, shiny, actors!' but I'm actually very excited to get a look at the writers. I mean, the man who wrote The Fires of Pompeii, which is in my books one of the best episodes for... oh, I don't know. A long, long time. A long, long, long time.

So yes, I am very excited. I'm sure it will be worth the hassle of skipping some classes at university and coming all the way from Germany. Come to think of it, that might be just a tiny bit insane, but there you go.

My cousin was desperate to see James Marsters in concert. The sacrifices I make to to keep her happy...

Looking forward to it!