Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Doctor Who and interview pimpage

It is now safe to announce that I've got a short story in the upcoming Short Trips collection, "Transmissions", which will be released on July 31st. It's my first ever published short story, not counting school magazines, and it features the 4th Doctor and the 2nd Romana, or Romana II if you want to get technical.

Why those two? Because they were the ones I grew up watching, and much as I love the first Romana, I didn't see her adventures until much later. City of Death is my earliest Who-related memory, so it was only natural that I set something around that time with those characters.

The current issue of Doctor Who Magazine, issue 395, has got a big feature on the Pompeii ep, and a mini interview with me. The current issue of SFX has details on series 3 of Primeval, and the new series Spooks: Code 9, both of which have an episode by me.

I've done another podcast interview with the ninjas over at Geek Syndicate, which you can find here. We mainly talked about the Pompeii ep, although for some reason I managed to mention Nazis yet again, which is starting to become a worrying habit.

And there's a massive interview with the good people over at Den of Geek, in which I talked about writing for all of the shows, how I got started, online reactions, meetings, and so on. No mention of Nazis, although I did use the phrase "I was just following orders", so clearly they were on my mind.

Oh, and I've just done an interview for "Nazi Chat Monthly" magazine, but I'll let you know when that's out.


Anonymous said...

what is it with you and nazis :P

have you heard about the finish film about Nazis on the moon?

Lucy said...

Gotta try and eclipse me haven't you Moran, HAVEN'T YOU???

Well keep trying 'cos my journo career is way bigger than yours! I have an article in Scriptwriter magazine! Beat that! Bow before me like the writing worm you are... albeit a very cute one with like, glasses and everything.

PS. word verification: SLUBB! How cool is that, sounds like a Dr. Who offshoot of the Slitheen, wouldn't you say?

BaaBaaDoodle said...

Well, not quite no Nazis. You obliquely referenced them with the bit about "just following orders." :)

Great interview though!

Anonymous said...

"Nazi Chat Monthly"? Did zey have vays of making you talk? Did they talk about annexing any other magazines? Do the French buy it or are they afraid they'll be listed as collaborators? Too many questions on that one.

Amanda said...

Heil Moran!

JE A said...

Hello from Canada! Thank you so much for sharing your blog with the world, it is a fascinating read.

Congrats on the brilliant Dr. Who Episode, I loved it. I really feel you wrote a brilliant part for Catherine Tate. The fact you had her willing to share the 'guilt' of destroying Pompeii and expressed that with the simple gesture of placing her hand over the Doctor's on the plunger took my breath away. In my mind that scene and the one with her request for the Doctor to save 'just one person' really highlighed and fleshed out the possibilities of her ability affect on the Doctor and his actions. I hope to see more of your work on both Dr. Who and Torchwood in the future.

I am really happy I found your blog and that I have had the chance to let you know how much I enjoyed your work on Doctor Who.

Janet A.

Dozeymagz said...

Mr Moran - if you ever have a teeny amount of time to spare (you know, in about 75 years time, let me know and I'll love for you to do an interview for me for my blog!!!!) Best thing is, because no one really reads it - you can say anything you want!!!! ;)

You make us well proud Mr James :)

btw - Little 3 yr old Munchkin is now SO obsessed with your Pompeii Ep that she has now taken to emulating the Sisterhood (which is quite difficult to explain to her Nursery teachers....!!!!)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Excellent first Who memory! City of Death is easily my favorite Fourth Doctor story. I s'pose I'll have to buy that anthology when it comes out, and see how you handle the characters.

Jonquil said...

People... people who like Romana II... are the niftiest people... of them all.

well, you get the idea. Yea to the upcoming story.

James Moran said...

Faldor: I've seen the teaser, looks great - although it won't be funny when we discover that there really *are* Nazis on the moon. I know they're up there.

Janet: Thank you! Glad you like the ep, and the blog!

Le Mc said...

Do you dig that cover? I do. Sorry for trespassing.