Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gold! Always believe in your soul!

Hello everyone! TV's James Moran here. You may have noticed that some troglodyte fuckbag has been spamming me with comments about how to buy gold. He/she was going through every single post, before I managed to switch off comments temporarily - needed to delete 20 of them, which was a pain. So, I've had to disable anonymous comments, but you can easily register for a Blogger or Google or LJ or Wordpress or Typepad or AIM or OpenID account, all for free, all anonymously - it shouldn't cause you any trouble, but it stops the spammers. If you want to buy gold now, you'll have to go to a gold shop like everyone else.

In other news, on Thursday I got recognised, for the first time ever outside of a convention. I was in a branch of Marks & Spencer (other department shops are available) buying a sandwich, when the lady on the till recognised me, and said she really liked my Torchwood episode. I was so surprised, I was a bit lost for words. So, to the nice lady who was on the till: sorry about that, I wasn't annoyed or scared or anything, just had my mind blown a little bit. And I didn't even say thank you, due to my surprise, so: thank you. Now, several days later, I still feel famous and cool.

I've been interviewed in the latest issue of Death Ray magazine, on page 13. There's the usual pic of me in the TARDIS, and also that scary, close-up pic of my face, which I really need to stop sending to people. Try not to look at that bit. But read the words, the glorious words that spilled out of my speak-hole.

Going away on holiday next week, so I'm just finishing up my work before we go. I'll try and do the "where I work" thingy that Sir Arnopp tagged me with, but it might have to wait until I get back. We're heading over to Los Angeles for a week, to relax, stroll on the beach, point at the sights, say "ooh" and "aah", eat food - and meet up with Sir Harlan of Ellisonshire. Still can't quite believe it's really happening, the whole thing is quite brilliant and bizarre. And so is the Richard Burton impression he left on our answering machine.

Thanks to everyone for the excellent music recommendations, I'll have a listen and see if there's anything that tickles my fancy. And when I say "fancy", I mean "arse".


Dozeymagz said...

This 'Golden Shoppe' you speak of - tell us more!
Is it constructed of the finest, purest gold? Hidden away for centuries down some dark and dusty Londinium lane, lost from civilisation forever?
We must seek it out!
We must face dangers untold as we fight our way through the Demon Gold-Spammers and smite them down, chortling in triumph as we do so!
So onward! To the Gold Shop!

Brian said...

Gold? Pshaw! Everyone knows that platinum is where the real bucks are. Silly spammers.

Actually, oddly enough, I know several professional writers whose blogs were carpet bombed with this particular spam recently. It seems rather targeted.

Have fun with Unca Harl. We expect a full report on your return.

Jools not James said...

Damn you, pesky little brother; I was just wondering where I could go to buy some pretend gold and now you've removed the source of information, you inconsiderate gobshite!!

Brenda said...

That is very cool that you were recognized, you might have to start wearing dark glasses in public to protect your SuperTorchwoodWriter identity.

It has just been posted on DWF that you are writing one of the episodes for S3 of Torchwood, and I just wanted to say that I'm very excited that we will be getting another episode from you.

"Sleeper" is one of my favorite TW eps from either season (US fan here), so that was very good news!

sunshinem said...

Psst......James! The new TW magazine got released early. Do you have something to tell us? AWESOME!!! Sleeper was one of the best episodes of the season AND your DW episode was the best of season 4.

Rosby said...

No mention of your new Torchwood episode, James?

I'm already stupidly excited about series three, because all the moments that will make the fans laugh and sob and go "WHAT?!" and squee and capslock until we're all ultrasonic, they exist now, concretely, in all of your heads.

You are a lucky man. And a talented one.

Good luck meeting Ellison!

James Moran said...

Magz: Shh - speak not of the Gold Shop. The outlanders will take it away from us.

Brian: I smell conspiracy! They won't get my gold.

Jools: Stop playing pretend internet games with pretend internet people for pretend internet money. It is not healthy.

Brenda: Well, I did have my bodyguards beat her to death for getting in my eyeline. It was her own fault, really. And thank you! Bit scared and surprised that the news is finally out, just as well I'm leaving the country for a week to hide.

Rosby: Thank you! See new post for details. Well, no actual details. But vague mentions.

Lucy said...

Only gold?? I got loads of stuff about how to "improve" my "sausage", aka how to lengthen my cock. But seeing as I don't have one and never have had one, then it seems like a pointless exercise.

(see what I did there?? Seee???)