Sunday, July 13, 2008

Holiday, pimpage, and Torchwood

Hooray! Hooray! It's a holi-holiday!

Okay folks, we're both off tomorrow for a week of relaxing in the sun, and acting like a pair of stupendous ponces. First proper holiday for years, and first time since February this year that I won't be writing. I've been working solidly all year, pretty much 7 days a week non stop, and I badly need a rest. I've been feeling a bit rundown and burnt out lately, so this will help a lot. Please don't break or soil the internet while I'm away - I have counted every single page, so I'll know if any are missing. If I'm not back a week from tomorrow, then Harlan Ellison has killed and eaten me. Call the police.

But just before I go, a quick spot of pimpage - earlier than expected, Short Trips: Transmissions is now on sale, in which I have a short story. You can get it from the Big Finish site, or Amazon, or Play, or even the US Amazon site for our lovely American chums.

Also, the new issue of Torchwood magazine is out, which has some interesting news about Series 3. Specifically, one of the writers involved, a handsome, talented young fellow called... oh, how embarrassing! It's me! Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies - you know the drill, I can't talk plot details or anything like that. However, if you want some spillage, I am now able to reveal that I know who did the Captain's Blogs on the BBC America site: it was an extremely dashing, clever gentleman called... oh blimey, how embarrassing! It's me again! Er, yes, it was. Sorry, I pretended not to know because I had to keep quiet. Now that I've come clean, I feel so much better. I hereby claim the sweets and cash you all promised to the person who did them.

And on that double bombshell, I am bravely leaving the country for a week...


Anonymous said...

Bon voyage, mon ami!

Rosby said...

Wait, wait, wait. YOU wrote the Captain's Blogs???

James, you have NO idea how much people love you for those. Seriously; they are brilliant. D'you mind if I tell people on the livejournal forum about this? They'll be so happy to know!

*worships you in a fan-like way*

Mikiko said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Also I am very, very excited to finally find out the identity behind the person writing the BBCA Blogs! I adore them. To find out it was an actual writer instead of a random intern, is simply great!

Anonymous said...

YOU wrote the Blogs????!!!!

Sweet Jesus, I never even considered you! As a Jack/Ianto shipper, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Well, you get the picture.

Apologies for the gushing. I think I've well and truly earned my fangirl credentials at this stage.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and have fun in Los Angeles; I certainly hope you find it less chaotic than I did!

Also, I'm going to have to mimic everyone else's reaction of, YOU wrote those? Because good God, they were magnificent. As another Jack/Ianto fan, I am so incredibly grateful to you! There are no words, absolutely no words.

Good to hear you'll be back for series 3. Sleeper was one of the better ones.

Nicole said...

You wrote the Captains Blogs???? They are brilliant.

As a J/I fangirl myself, I love how you captured those little moments.

Let me go be excited about this, and the fact your going to be writing an episode for the 3rd series.

Enjoy your holiday :)

Anonymous said...

*stares in awe* Omg, you wrote them?! They were brilliant! Thank you so much!

And I swear, I did not mean anything I grumbled under my breath when they weren't posted immediately following transmission.

Have fun in L.A.!

Brenda said...

You devious man!!

Well, I believe I offered publicly a lifetime supply of chocolate and cookies to whomever it was that was giving us such wonderful little insights into Jack and Ianto, and also for doing some much needed filling in of several gaps in the show itself.

And those blog posts actually helped make the episodes themselves much more enjoyable, so it's nice to be able to thank you directly for those.

Also, have fun on your vacation! But it's too bad you aren't going to be able to stay an extra week on the west coast and hop on down to San Diego with the rest of your Doctor Who and Torchwood crew to Comic Con. Or... are you? ;-D

Anonymous said...

So much love to you for writing those blogs, they are fantastic!

Dru said...

Hmm. Have fun on your vacation. Vacations are always much fun. :)

< fangirl>THANK YOU for those BBCA blogs. Man, those were really, seriously brilliant. :D

And also the Pompeii ep. the newest Who Series was my favorite of the series, so that kinda rocks. :D

Glad your on for ses. 3 TW.< /fangirl>

That's all. :p *Goes to read the rest of this thing*

Iceduck said...

Great news about series three! Loved Sleeper (as well as The Fires of Pompeii, two thousand years earlier in the same universe), and was really hoping you'd get a crack at Torchwood again soon. I'd worried that, being five episodes long, that none would be written by guest writers.

Iceduck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justine said...

Er, unfortunately I promised you my first born! Sadly I have no plans to have children. I have two enormous dogs but I'm sorry, you can't have them. So you just have to name your price.

And can I just say for the record, the Captains Blog has been one of my very favourite bits of Torchwood.

Meanwhile, have a fantastic holiday!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, this has made my little Janto-heart just skip a few beats.

Knowing that those lovely tid-bits of Torchwood life "outside" the episodes comes from one of the 'go to' writers like yourself just makes me feel all girly... quite sad, really :-D

Anonymous said...

Why you little...lying...genius!
Not sure if I want to strangle you just a little bit or hug the living hell out of you. >:)
Oh who am I kidding. *bear hug attack*

You know, I had the chocolates with me at The Rift. You could have just said that you'll pass them along to whoever is writing the Blog. *g*
So...where should I send the chocolates then? Gimme the address.
Or will you by any chance be at The Hub in October? That way you can get them there.

And as many Jack/Ianto shippers said already - big THANK YOU for giving us so much material to squee over. Not to mention it's really nice to read Jack's POV, since we don't get to hear it on the show anymore.

And big congrats on getting to write one of the episodes of season 3! Awesome news! \o/

Anonymous said...

YOU wrote them? That's brilliant - if I ever meet you in person, you should bring a vase, because I'll give you a bunch of flowers! ^^

Ann Marie said...

*can't believe she didn't find this blog sooner*

Most importantly I'll join in with the crowd and declare that although I already love you for Sleeper and The Fires of Pompei my love for you has increased tenfold for writing the Captain's Blog. I already accepted them as canon but now I have an actual valid reason.

Aside from the fact I'm such a Janto fangirl (I have never been much of a shipper until those two) the Captain's Blog is great for filling in little bits and pieces that help make some episodes make more sense.

AND you're writing for the next series! I already can't wait :D

*is off to have a proper read through the rest of the blog*

Anonymous said...

I think your sheer awesomeness is beginning to show again, Moran! ;) How you managed to keep Mum about the Captain's Blog I've no idea, but I feel there should definitely be alot of cash and sweeties involved for it. Perhaps a little affectionate grumbling to save face since none of us even guessed it was you!

Thank you very much for it! Like everyone else, I took those blogs for canon as they gave us a (sometimes much better) insight into Jack's reactions towards certain episodes than some of the episodes themselves were able to do.

Enjoy your holi-holiday! X)

Anonymous said...

There is much love for the content of those blogs - and brilliantly written too! It really is Jack's voice you can hear when you read them. A couple of questions though. First why the secrecy over who wrote them? I remember asking the production/writing panel at The Rift con who wrote them and everyone denied knowing they existed! Also, how much direction did you have when you wrote them as to content, or were you pretty much left to it? It's a pity they were never on the UK site. They fill in so much of what was unfortunately left out of the episodes i.e. Ianto being suspended.

Anonymous said...

Oh and, you know, if you could perhaps work some Jack/Ianto interactions into your script for season three, we will worship at your feet :D optional...

But actually, I'd settle for what's in the Captains Blogs and not on screen. An indication of Jack's actual feelings for Ianto.

Anonymous said...

Have wonderful holidays and

THANK YOU so much for the Captain's Blog.

I can only hope some of the feelings of Jack for Ianto that were in the blog make it into the episodes.

Martine Martin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Wait wait, back up… YOU wrote the Captain’s Blogs?

OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU! You big gorgeous beautiful amazing fantastic hunk of a Janto fanboy you I LOVE YOU!!!

For that and the fact that I’ve just discovered your blog, you are moving up my ‘Favourite Writers’ list. I might let you know your position when I’ve decided just how much I love you – is it enough to put you above ‘The Mof’?


Jason Arnopp said...

Sssshh... has he gone yet? Has his flight taken off?

It has?

Right then.

Get your gold here! Gold, going at very reasonable prices from a warehouse in Camden Tahhhhn...

pyrovillaxian said...

The answer to the most pondered question in Torchwood history. And you know what? I get 40 quid for betting my mate you were the writer; I'll buy you a drink for that. Very well done. But then, your work is always brilliant. I can't wait to see your new ideas for Torchwood.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that must have taken some effort keeping the secret about the Captain's Blog given how popular it is. I'd hate to think how many times you've heard comments and just wanted to say "that's me!". You should try and convince someone to let you write a full on TW novel/publication of Captain's Blogs. Believe me, they'd be bought and read. You really do get into Jack's head very nicely.

I hope you have a good holiday. Sounds like you've certainly earnt it.

Oh, and back on the subject of the Captain's Blog - may I lick your shoes? :p

Anonymous said...

*joins the queue of people wanting to thank you for the Captains Blogs*

My turn now?
Okay: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! They were brilliant and amused me to no end. :D

Greetings from Germany,
enjoy your holidays!

PS.: Yes, I laughed myself silly at the Daleks speaking my language...

C.A. Young said...

That was you?!

You realize that, were you clearly both a) single, and b) homosexual with a thing for chubby, unpublished American writers, I would put money down for the ticket right now.

As it stands, I'll just stand over here in the corner being awkward and thinking how cool you are.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I love that everyone takes your word for it, that you wrote the blogs...


What? I'm not suggesting otherwise. Just sayin'! *grins*

Oh, Jodie, if you're reading (and frankly, if you are, I hope you're *back* from holiday rather than *on* it, and not too jetlagged! *hug*) I thought The Rake's Progress was a lot of fun. Well, up until all the 'being struck down with insanity and dying in an asylum'. That? Not so much fun, it turns out. :P

Arnopp, I need some gold! The Runescape kind, if you have it? Not prepared to meet you in Cahmden, though. Will you travel south of the river?

Nimdok said...

Greetings all. You don't know me, I don't know you, but I am this week serving as chauffeur, coordinator, tourguide and all-around "local contact" for your esteemed friend/blogger/screenwriter.

I haven't been asked to post here, but wanted to reassure you all that James and Jodie arrived safely and have been out and around our fair city learning to detest LA traffic as much as London's.

Harlan has so far resisted the temptation to a) elope with the beautiful Jodie, and b) eat James alive.

I will also reassure you that neither of them are behaving in the least "ponce"-ishly, though James declared he was not "looking at, using or otherwise entertaining the thought of engaging" a computer (hence his silence).

But if you'd like to read a couple Harlan's comments, you can see his entries at

Steve Barber
(AKA "Oh, driver!!")

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good holiday. I've been told by people that you're actually quite a lovely bloke who will talk to people and such, this in response to the wee essay I wrote about you and the Captain's Blogs and the pressing question of whether you're actually a demented 15-year-old fangirl. So, you know, go and have a read if you're that way inclined. It's turned once again into a long-winded fannish debate about life, the universe and everything, or at least everything in as much as it relates to Jack and Ianto. It always does. (I do love the Captain's Blogs, by the way, kudos. Just to make that clear. *worships*)

James Moran said...

Blimey - thank you everyone who commented, I'm really surprised and pleased at the response. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the blogs, and I'm glad people liked them.

Duskwillow: Ooh, what Hub thingy in October? Haven't been asked, whatever it is.

Cyberamanda: I don't think anyone at the Rift knew who did them (apart from me, obviously) - the secrecy was mainly to preserve the illusion that Jack was typing them up as the series aired. Once we agreed on a format, I came up with the content which would get signed off when I handed it in - sometimes it'd get trimmed for length (steady now), or there'd be suggestions to reword stuff for clarity etc.

Srah-scottydog: No! Don't put me above The Moff. He'll come looking for me. With his "special" lawnmower OF DOOM.

Arnopp: Out! Out, heathen!

Pyrovillaxian: Blimey, 40 quid? Well done, how did you figure it out?

Tencrush: Yes, I'm a demented 15-year old fangirl, in many ways. No pandering involved, I wasn't told to do anything like that - I wrote them, they got approved, then posted. I interpreted episodes how I saw them, filled them full of stuff that appeals to me. And I don't think they're at odds with what's on screen - I tried to fill in blanks and play in the space between the lines, make you see scenes in a different light, and do cheeky retcons that don't damage the continuity if you choose to accept them as canon. Also it meant I could cram in some innuendo and silly jokes.

Anonymous said...

The Hub is a Torchwood con that will be held in Northampton, 17th - 19th of October.
Here's the link:
It says they'll announce more guests soon, so some of us were hoping some of you guys, AKA the writers, might also be there. Fingers crossed they ask you.

What's that about demented 15-year-old fangirls? I find the Blog very believable, so I guess I better go braid my hair and find something pink to wear.

Dru said...

The whole 15 year old demented fangirl thing was related to the BBCA blogs.

How those were written. Not this blog.

Just saying. :)

Nimdok said...

James - On second view, I am sincerely glad I did not see that picture of you with an ax prior to picking you up at the Fairmont. Or, at the very least, I would have come armed.

It explains a lot, however...

Steve B