Thursday, August 21, 2008

FrightFest! Asus! Code 9!

Right, I'm off to FrightFest with Jo, 5 days of mayhem, movies, and silliness. If you're there, say hello. In between movies, we'll either be in the bar, or standing outside. Once again, the 30 minute rule will be in effect - if the movie hasn't interested us in the slightest by the 30 minute mark, we'll be out the door and in the bar. Hopefully the FF will get me inspired by horror again. It's been a bit of a dodgy year for horror movies - although I said the same thing last year, I'm starting to repeat myself. There are always a few gems in amongst the shite though, and many of them should be playing at FF this weekend. I've got a few spec movies all ready to write, so this should get me in the right mood for them. Next month will be the first time I'll have room to breathe, and I can finally start working on my own stuff.

My Asus has arrived, and is very lovely indeed. Although saying "my Asus" quickly can cause raised eyebrows, it sounds a bit dodgy. I'm thinking of calling it "Jesus", because, you know, it rhymes with Asus, more or less. Although The Arnopp has suggested that I simply refer to it as "my Anus", which I think could be the winner. If you have any similarly sensible suggestions, have at it. Although you'd have to go a long, long way to beat my Anus. Blimey! See? It's just brilliant, and so easy to work into double entendres. Anyway, I'll do a proper post about it soon, sort of a review, I suppose, which is frighteningly grown up, so naturally I will cram it full of filth.

Thank you for the questions so far, all very good, keep them coming. It will be a mammoth post, so I might have to break it up into separate ones, with an index or something. Christ, it's difficult already, and all my own fault for deciding to do it.

Don't forget my Code 9 episode is on this Sunday, 9pm, BBC3, featuring action, drama, witty banter, gore, and good looking people doing good looking things. No Torchwood-style slow motion team striding, though, which I feel every show needs. I visited the set while they were filming a different episode, sat in one of the chairs in the field office and pretended to be a spy. That probably tells you everything you need to know about me, good and bad. Oh! The preview of the first 10 minutes is now working, it's on this page of this website here, don't y'know.


Chuck said...

Yes, I can hear it now, in Texas of all places.

"Excuse me, could you boot my Anus".

"Beep", "oh look my Anus has incoming".

"Hey Tex, why don't you hand me my Anus"

"Oh, I just got my Anus handed to me"

"Will you be checking your luggage sir?", "No, just my Anus".

"Do you want to come up to my room and play with my Anus?"

"I have Linux in my Anus"

"I am a hard core Anus lover"

You might reconsider another name at least while you are in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Your Spooks stuff looks good!! I just watched the first 10 minutes and already I'm very engaged. I haven't seen the previous three episodes, but hey, give it time. Hope you have fun at FF, sounds like its right up your alley. Lets not get started in on the 'anus' jokes though. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

You've certainly been busy, lol. Sometimes I wished we had access to all the UK shows here in Australia. Would you believe we're only getting Torchwood S2 on Sept 1st? At 11:35pm, on a channel 3/4 of Austalians can't access because it doesn't transmit in their area. Thus, Torchwood fans in Australia are ready to form a protest and spill blood (I'm being serious, btw - we Torchwood fans get screwed over bigtime down here).

I have Transmissions on order. Once it arrives I'll read your story and let you know what I think. I'm sure it will be good - all your stuff is. And I'm not just saying that to kiss arse (much).

Also, I know you're busy, but if you ever feeling down and need to read about someone a lot worse off than you and laugh at their pain, there was a good news article posted here in Australia on one of our major news sites. I hope you can access it. Not sure how to post html on here, so I'll have to go basic:

Julie said...

re: your Anus - why not call it The Knork? It's a fine word and deserves so much more than to be relegated to the bottom of some Abigail's-Party cutlery drawer. And if you like it enough to get a second one in the future, people like me could point at you in the street and shout "Look at his Knorks!" and confuse the crap out of any passing Australians.

Jason Arnopp said...

I've just returned from Frightfest, which I dipped into for two movies. I'm sorry to report that James and Jodie, on their fifth day of horror mayhem, had degenerated to the point where they were dressed as blood-splattered geese, rolling around in Leicester Square and firing machine guns into the night sky, while shrieking Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. Regrettable.

Chuck said...

Dude, I'm totally bummed. The Beeb won't let us Yanks check out your totally awesome episode. That's so bogus.

Dim said...

It's because we can't download "Dr Horrible's Sinalong Blog" from i-Tunes in the UK. We are denied yankee brilliance, you don't get sneek peeks at Code 9.

Anonymous said...

I'm used to not being able to watch anything. Either the US blocks content, or the UK blocks content... basically, YouTube and BitTorrent are my friends. :)

And for the record, Amazon is slow. I'm still waiting for Transmissions. I suppose its a good thing - I have a lot of marking to do this weekend and I'd probably end up reading it if it arrived.

shtove said...

How's the asus working out?

James Moran said...

Chuck: I think it's clear that Anus is going to be a winner. Although in polite situations, I may have to keep quiet about my Anus.

Catie: Thank you! It was all jolly good, clean fun.

Clarrisani: That's very poor treatment, as mentioned on the other post I shall have to get the elephant gun out.

Shtove: Very good so far - full review coming soon, from the point of view of a writer who needs a smaller, lighter travel machine.