Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Links, filth, and zombies

Some quick links of (mostly) shameless self-promoting while I'm coming up for air. I have a rough first draft of my Brand New Thing, and I'm very surprised and pleased. Surprised because a couple of weeks ago, it only existed as several pages of notes. And now it is a Proper Script. Well, it will be when I've gone over it to tidy it up. And then I'll have to leave it for a bit, and see how it feels in a week or two. Asus review is nearly done, it rambles on a bit, so I need to simplify it before posting. Nice. And now, these:

Link the first: Torchwood filming continues, with some shocking scenes ramming a heterosexual agenda down your throat. Yes, I can exclusively reveal that in at least one scene, a MAN and a WOMAN will share a KISS, right on the LIPS. Beeb insiders are preparing themselves for a flood of complaints. Pictured in the photos is openly straight actress Eve Myles, who was caught on camera performing the raunchy scenes. Passers by were shocked and stunned at the display. "I don't mind if these hetero types want to have a kiss and a cuddle," said Mr Realname McSpankles, "But I don't want it shoved in my face. Why do they have to put it in a programme that kids might see? It's fucking disgusting. I have cooked and eaten my own kids, just to protect them from this sort of filth." Oh okay, if you read the article, you'll know that it was just Eve and John messing about between filming. But still! The thought of it! Etc.

Staying on Torchwood, the radio play is on tomorrow at 2.15pm, on Radio 4 - it's written by Joe Lidster, so it will of course be brilliant. Full details here, and if you can't listen in at the time, it'll be available as an mp3 download for a week after the broadcast.

Link the second: The cast for Law & Order: UK is announced here. Feast your eyes on those names. For those who have asked, I haven't been blogging it lately because, like everything else I work on, I'd rather only mention what has been officially released. But don't worry, when it's closer to the time, I'll be going on and on and on about it, because it's very, very exciting.

Link the third: New iPods! Mmmm, iPods, naughty, sexy iPods, dancing around suggestively, whispering into my ear, dressing up in lingerie, and... Er, anyway, I've been hoping for an increase in storage size for the Nano, and they've doubled it, which is good news for me. I've managed to fill mine up, and have got new music to put on it. And blimey O'Reilly, once I've done that, who knows what'll happen next?? I'm a maverick, renegade iPod listener, me, I break the rules but I get the job done, goddammit.

And finally, link the fourth: Dead Set, a zombie thriller set in the Big Brother house, written by Charlie Brooker. Bit late with this one, but I don't care, it's fashionable, probably. Click on the big eye for a trailer. The magnificent Andy Nyman is one of the actors in it, and gets the best line in the trailer, which is a bloody good swearword combo - although I'd expect no less from Mr Brooker. Apparently they're proper, scary zombies, and it looks superb. Website goes live in 8 days. Stock up on shotgun shells, tinned food, and running shoes. I'll be fine tuning my shooting skills in Austin when I go over. You've got to stay alert for this sort of thing, the zombie apocalypse could start at any time.


Jason Arnopp said...

Christ, why have they ditched the 160GB iPod Classic? Does this mean that mine is likely to blow my head off at any second? I'm encasing it in titanium until we know the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Torchwood filming continues, with some shocking scenes ramming a heterosexual agenda down your throat. Yes, I can exclusively reveal that in at least one scene, a MAN and a WOMAN will share a KISS, right on the LIPS. Beeb insiders are preparing themselves for a flood of complaints."

I don't detect any sarcasm there. Nope, none at all.

By the way, have you heard that the world is going to end today with the CERN experiment? It better not, you know. I want to hear "Lost Souls" /and/ see Season Three. Not to mention my Torchwood Yearbook only just arrived and I want to read it.

Heh. Just imagine if you'd just won the lottery and the world decided to end right then. Would that be considered a good day? Or a bad day? Or not a day at all?

Chuck said...

Eve Myles is wonderful. I am glad she did not bite the big one last season.

Le Mc said...

Grrr, I'm never in the Bay when they're filming ... it's a chronic problem of mine, never being in Cardiff at the right time.

Dozeymagz said...

Torchwood Radio play: Loved it. When my phone rang part way through - I just pumped several rounds from my Glock 17 into it! Yay! No more pesky cold calls for me! Hats off to the Lidster for a jolly entertaining 45 mins of radio airwave stuffy!

Torchwood Kissies: OMG! What is the world coming to? (Come on CERN! Just do your job and tear a hole in the space-time continuum so we don't have to suffer this outrageous smut!

Big Brother Zombies: Hang on... wasn't that just what I've been glued to my TV watching for the past 13 weeks?

Big Shiny New Thing: still haven't got a clue what it could be but I'm sure it'll be just super!!

L&O UK: yay!

iPod Nano 2nd Gen: I love my bright blue thingy even if it does only have a pitiful 4GB. I now feel suitably inadequate...
Anyone know of a decent therapy clinic for the technologically deprived?

And I still have no broadband... I fear for my sanity.

Help me....

Rosby said...

Heterosexual kissing???

Oh, the HORROR! Not in my name!

Great to hear that the writing it going well - it must be so exciting! Keep us posted on updates.

The radio play was fantastic - very gripping, funny, and incorporated the events of today without making it over-complex. Well done Joe Lidster!

D'you mind if I quote what you said about the Torchwood filming on a livejournal forum? Attributing it to you, obviously. People are clinging to filming spoilers at the moment!

James Moran said...

Arnoppos: It's because they heard all about you, and fear that owning the 160 model influences people in disturbing ways.

Clarrisani: Bugger, has the world ended? I shall be writing to my MP if it has, this is outrageous. Although I love that one of the scientists said something like "people who think this will cause the world to end are twats". Twats! That's proper scientist-speak, that is.

Rosby: Feel free to quote, I haven't really given anything away though, so don't start thinking that there are clues in there or something. OR ARE THERE??? etc etc

Anonymous said...

I saw that quote from the scientist. But you want to know how I saw it? It was written as "people who think this will cause the world to end are t**ts". They edited out the word 'twats' of all things. I don't know what's worse - the scientist who said it in the first place, or the person who edited it out. The horror! Someone said "twat"!

martin said...

The virgin net homepage yesterday had the headline "World Still Here"

Just thought I'd clear that up.

Anonymous said...

James, just wondering: any chance of you ever coming to Australia to do conventions? I'd love to see you at Supanova (namely, the Melbourne one). There was a distinct lack of anything Doctor Who/Torchwood related there. We had Hereos, Stargate, even Lord of the Rings (actors and writers, that is), but no Doctor Who or Torchwood.

James Moran said...

Martin: Thank goodness for virgin.net, we'd still be wondering today...

Clarissani: If they invite me, then I'll happily go along, if I'm free at the time - do the organisers know there's a demand for TW/DW-related guests? Have a word with them, and request, nay, *demand* it! I've never been to Australia, seems like a great place - despite the fact that everything there can kill you (poisonous insects, snakes, crocs, gangs of post-apocalyptic psychos with mohawks driving up and down the roads in bizarre spiky death machines, unless the movies have lied to me).