Monday, October 27, 2008

Dead Set and new Spooks

Two new TV shows start today, which you should not miss, otherwise I will maim you:

TV Show the First: Dead Set, by Charlie Brooker, E4 at 9pm, and then every night at the same time until Friday. Zombies. Big Brother. Andy Nyman. And the possibility of lots of new swearword combos to enjoy. You quite literally cannot go wrong with this one. I can't wait to see it, it looks great.

TV Show the Second: Spooks, series 7, episode 1, BBC1 9pm. The second episode follows tomorrow night, then it carries on Monday nights. I was sure I'd announced this ages ago, but it seems I haven't, so... I've written an episode for this series. Yes, I know, is there any fucking TV show that I haven't had my grubby little paws on this year? Well, no, there isn't, sorry about that. Anyway, my ep is number 7, and will be on Monday 1st December. But you'll have to watch the whole series, because there's plenty of ongoing serial stuff, and you'll only get lost otherwise. So do as I say, or I'll make with the maiming.

That is all for now, internet chums. Go about your business, make merry, and keep up the human sacrifices in my name.


laurence timms said...

I'm tempted to *not* watch Spooks tonight, just to see if you do scale the walls in the small hours with violence in mind. I'll be waiting with a camera and a tin of mace.

Actually, I might just watch it. It'll be safer in the long run.

Martin K. Smith said...

9pm? I was pretty sure it was on at 10. Thanks for correcting me.

rbagheera said...

Wow cant believe you wrote 1 of the episode, ultra cool, they pay well?

Dozeymagz said...

Now that I am once again back in the land of virtual living, (never shall I be without my beloved Broadband EVER again!) I can now luxuriate in the wisdom of your most splendiferous recommendations!
I shall watch with quivering anticipation!!!

Oh no! Monday you say?? GAAAHHH!!!! I missed it!!!!

*goes to lock all doors, windows and other such entrances in fear*

Please don't hurt me Mr Moran!!!!

Julie Riddlebarger said...

I’m not watching any of them until they come out on DVD (i.e, show up on YouTube), as I don’t live in a place where these will be shown any time soon. Oh, and I don’t have a tv yet. Maybe tomorrow.

And damn it I’ve tried to post here twice and I have yet to succeed. You would think I’d give up, wouldn’t you? Not me, not yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to comment at all but then I saw the verification code:


And I had to. If only to call you a divie. Ha!

But, uh, Dead Set. Is it ok for me to say I was a little disappointed? Loved Andy - couldn't equate the sleezy producer he channelled amazingly with the sweet, amusing guy I've had several conversations with. None of which during he asked me what I was for or swore at me. Good show Mr.Nyman.

Jaime Winstone...well, if I could be sure her dad wouldn't come rahnd my gaff and shlapp meh, I'd be saying she annoyed the life out of me with her 'acting' and 'crying'. Blurgh.

A few logic lapses that pissed me off too - zombies will bang for all their worth on solid doors to get to people but if in a camera room with two way mirrir (ie looks like normal glass from zombie side) all they will do is sniff and lick the glass. No, they won't bang on it. Other zombies will chow down on a girl all night (hey...can I get his number? :P)whilst his squeeze sleepts the night away in an art cupboard (it's daylight wen she awakens and looks out the window). Al night?! Yet others seem to lose interest pretty quickly when they've made their kill. Meanwhile, a driver gets his throat ripped out but somehow two unarmed women make it out the back of the car and rescue him from his zombie attacker, making it back into the car without being hurt themselves... then the throatless driver seems to fight for life for quite some time. When he finally dies (and turns) mere moments later a securty guard approaches the car and ALL occupants are zombified. HUH?!

Then we have the BB contestants, two of which are 'faces'. Beth Cordingly and Kevin Eldon distract us away from the 'reality doco of a reality show' feel with their 'Oh look, it's the Big Train man!' and 'Oooer, it's 'er off The Bill/Family Affairs'. Y'know?

Oh, it sounds like I hated it, and I didn't. Will certainly be tuning in later today. You divie. :D

James Moran said...

Laurence: Just do as Uncle Jimbo says. Please. I can't control myself.

rbagheera: They do, because I am TV's James Moran.

Dozeymagz: Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. You'll have to find the repeat of Spooks (Sunday night, I think), and get the DVD of Dead Set when it's out in a couple of weeks. Or I will DESTROY you.

Julie: See above, and quake in fear, for you have disobeyed me. But as long as you watch them at some point, that's okay.

Amanda: You're a divie! Only saw the first half of the first ep, have to wait till the weekend, so I'm not listening, la la la not listening la la la. And I think it's overly ruthless editing rather than plotholes, it's probably all on the page, but chopped up for dramatic effect. And yes, Andy is just fucking brilliant. But never mind that, admire the moustache!

MikeM said...

> is there any fucking TV show that I haven't had my grubby little paws on this year?

Personally I can't wait for the Casualty zombies episode...

Jon Peacey said...

Thought I'd mention I really rather liked Dead Set- but find the lack of credits a touch irritating, ditto that the episodes are far too short.

Looked on Imdb for the credit list and noticed the votes: Dead Set currently has 9.2/10 (admittedly on just 46 votes) but that compares with 9.1 each for Godfather and Shawshank which top the Imdb Top 250 films. Worth a mention I thought.

BTW, who's Beth Cordingly? Why is she a 'face'... is this an allusion to some kind of gangsterism?

Dim said...

Maim me. Maim me now. Been away Ooop Norf and missed Dead Set, despite remarking to the current Mrs Dim how much I wanted to view it. With every available gadget built into my freeview/hard drive recorder/dvd recorder/trouser press, it can't do a simple thing like hear what I'm talking about and act on it? Bloody technology. And Sppoks too? You are soooo prolific! At least I can rely on the good old Beeb to repeat that for me.