Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moustache and tragedy

I'm recording all of Dead Set, and won't get to see them till this weekend, for various reasons, so I've only seen the first half of the opening ep - so please keep spoilers to yourselves for now. However, I loved what I've seen so far, and can't wait for the rest. Give Andy Nyman some sort of award or statue immediately, even just for carrying off that moustache with dignity.

Got a text last night, from a mate I'm currently working with, who had just finished watching the first episode of Spooks. No spoilers here, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, don't worry - but for context, something... upsetting happened at the end. The text simply said:

Did you write this Spooks?

No, I replied, my one will be episode 7. Why?

That means I can still be friends with you.


Salina said...

This sums up how I feel about Chris Chibnall. I love him. He wrote Cyberwoman! He was lead writer and awesome... but he let Tosh and Owen die and I just am not ok with that.

They get to come back right? Exit Wounds = dream sequence?

Me = denial.

Dozeymagz said...

Love Dead Set too! :)

What about the bit when....

;) Naw - Don't worry - I wouldn't be that horrible :D

BaaBaaDoodle said...

uh oh, do I have to be familiar with Spooks 1 - 6 to appreciate Spooks 7? I was hoping just to pick up with 0701. It is weird that BBC America showed some of Spooks but called it MI5. I didn't even realize it was the same show till I did a little poking around.

Rosby said...

Crap, I missed Dead Set. I'm definitely catching up; zombies, Charlie Brooker, Kevin Eldon, "housemates" getting their come-uppance. What more do you need?

Isabella said...

Am breaking out of my lurking to beg for a post on David Tennant's announcement... Also, could you clear up whether there are four Doctor Who specials including Xmas 08 and three during spring, or is it four specials to go out in the spring, or three for spring and Xmas 09?

Sorry if that doesn't make sense, am on the edge between crying and hysteria and stoic "I told you so"-ness.

While I'm here, I love this blog muchly and your episodes are brilliant!

Oh, and I totally agree about Spooks.

Stephen Gallagher said...

Do you ever get that thing where someone's read or seen something of yours, and then afterwards they seek you out with a hurt and bewildered expression and say, "But I thought you were nice!"

Boz said...

I understand this now. And I though the upsetting thing was really well done.