Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Screenwriting book

As usual, I'm the last to post this, but hey, better late than never, that's what I reckon. So you'll all know this already, but just in case you don't: Adrian Mead has written a book about getting your screenwriting career started. It's called Making It As A Screenwriter, it's £7.79 (about 9 quid including VAT), available from here, and all profits go to Childline.

Now, you all probably know I'm not a fan of screenwriting books. Things that tell you how to write, and waffle on about inciting incidents and third act reversals and all that bollocks, aren't worth your time or money. But this one doesn't tell you how to write, it assumes that you can write, that you have some talent. It tells you the things you need to know to break in - getting an agent, approaching companies, how many scripts you need, what a treatment is, re-writing, feedback, all that good stuff. Simple, straightforward advice from a professional writer.

If you're just starting out, or fairly new, then you need to read this - it'll save you a LOT of time. And even if you're an old hand, you'll probably learn a thing or two, or even just be inspired to get off your arse and do some work. I'm one of the many, many people who have given testimonials about how good the book is, so go and pick up a copy. It's for a good cause, and it will help you out. Everybody wins.

Note: It's based around the UK industry, just so you know - but a lot of the advice applies anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for that reccommendations, James!!
It's going on my Christmas List!!!
(Along with about 5 other books - all torchwood related!)
:) xx

Chuck said...

Looks interesting. It also seems like they will sell into the US. I'll order it tonight online. Thanks for the tip.

Chuck said...

Got it. Read the first 25 pages and love it. Even though it is written more for the UK writer, and I am in the US, the concepts and advice are universal. I like the matter of fact, conversational tone. Now I think I'll get off my ass and rewrite that opening scene on my latest story.

adrian said...

Hi James

Many thanks for the continued support and to everyone who has bought a copy. The first week of sales raised £1,000 for ChildLine and with the support of the lovely writing community we will continue to spread the word and keep the money coming in.

Best wishes

Jill R said...

James, I just want to say thank you for all the useful advice you've given to this aspiring writer.

I'm currently reading A Writer Tale and full intended to purchase Making It As A Screenwriter. I also bought an Asus Netbook after reading about them on your blog and it has increase about ten fold the amout of time I have to write.

Dim said...

Just occurred to me that I've purchased two books on your reccomendation, and will probably add "Making it as a screenwriter" when the overdraft gets cleared (I had money in Icesave...sigh...) So if you can figure out a commission deal on the next "James Moran reccomends..." you may be able to retire. I won't be buying an Anus, though, no matter how much you love yours. I've managed all this time without an Anus, I'm not getting one now....

Anonymous said...

I'll have to look into that. I have a film script written and sitting lost and alone in my bookshelf crying out to be unleashed to the world, and haven't got a clue what to do with it. I know a former Story Editor of "Blue Heelers" liked it a lot, but that's it.

Oh, and I've been reading RTD's book. How did it feel when you found out that RTD was rewriting your script? Was it just minor changes? Looked like a few from the sample.

And yes, I will review your short story from the last "Short Trips", it's simply a matter of finding the time.