Thursday, December 11, 2008

I like a little shop

Here are all the various things I have worked on, or written, or had some sort of evil influence over, all with links to places you can buy them. The main section is a mini Amazon store, all for the Region 2 or UK-based products. Under that is a smaller links section with any Region 1 or US-based stuff. I do get a tiny kickback if you buy them through here, but buy them wherever you like, or don't, these are just so you can find them more easily. Shop smart - shop S-Mart.


Severance poster

Doctor Who

The Doctor Who season 4 Vol.1 DVD is at Amazon or Play.

Or you can get the entire season 4 boxset, from Amazon or Play.

Short Trips: Transmissions contains my short story Breadcrumbs, and is at Big Finish, Amazon, or Play.

The Doctor Who Storybook: 2009 contains my short story Grand Theft Planet!, illustrated by Daryl Joyce, and is at Amazon or Play.

Short Trips: Christmas Around The World contains my short story Companion, and is at Big Finish, or Amazon.


Torchwood season 2 is at Amazon, or Play.

Or you can get the box set with seasons 1 and 2 at Amazon, or Play.


Spooks series 7 will be released in October 2009, and will be at Amazon or Play.

Spooks: Code 9

Spooks: Code 9 series 1 is at Amazon or Play.


Crusoe is only available so far on Region 1 DVD, from Amazon, or other Region 1 shops.


Lucy said...

WTF??? You mean you only write this blog so we can - gasp - BUY YOUR STUFF? Surely not, James - I thought you loved us like your very own alien children?

James' alien children said...

He only loves us. Piss off.

And buy all his DVDs or else.

Lucy said...

Well that told me.

Okay I will.

Dozeymagz said...



Laurie said...

Well, I did my part to contribute to your royalties. I bought the Christmas Around the World DW book. Really enjoyed your story....

James Moran said...

Laurie: Thank you so much! It's my favourite of the three stories so far, I'm really happy with it.

ShaunaJ said...

Is Girl Number #9 going to be available to buy at some point? Having it on is nice, but I'd like to buy a copy.

James Moran said...

Hi ShaunaJ - that's the plan, but I'll ask them if there's any timeline in place for it. And I should probably update this page a bit...

ShaunaJ said...