Monday, December 15, 2008

Links and items and thingies, oh my!

Behold! Links and items and thingies for your random pleasure! But mainly because I love shouting "behold!"

Thingy the first: (UK-only) Try and make Jeff Buckley's cover of Hallelujah the Christmas number one, instead of the X Factor abomination version. Included on the page are several download links, and if you're going to buy it, do so this week - use one of the links provided, they all count towards the official UK chart. I know Jeff Buckley's version is a cover too, but it's a really good one, and something you could gladly pay 79p for. I've just bought my copy. Even if we can't get the song to number one, at least it'll come close and show people who do terrible cover versions that... well, not very much, they'll still make shitloads of money. But it'll be cool!

Thingy the second: As we were walking home the other day - OMG! A van!

Couldn't resist taking a picture (phone number blurred out by me). Honestly, both Jo and I have been laughing about this for DAYS. We are so childish.

Thingy the third: Mr Paul Cornell is currently doing his annual 12 Blogs of Christmas, and today's one is about favourite Christmas songs of Dr Who writers, including a small contribution from me. Get over and have a look, there's loads of good stuff, including Kate Bush doing some amazing chair-dancing.

Thingy the fourth: Primeval series 3 trailer! Wahey! Haven't seen my finished ep yet, but I recognise several moments in there from my script - not saying which ones of course, that would be sheer madness. But I hear it's looking really cool, so I can't wait to see it.

Next post will be the end of year wrap-up, hoping to finish it before Christmas - but I've been struck down with the fucking mutant Space Virus again, so it may slip over into the limbo period between Christmas and New Year. Right now though, I'm heading to the sofa with some painkillers, booze and cake, and I'm not moving for the rest of the evening. Good day to you all.


ascorbic said...

I really hope you haven't messed around with Primeval by making it "good" or something. The whole point of it is that it's totally stupid with absurd plots and shockingly silly dialogue. That and Hannah Ssspppearrmmminnntt's arse.

Anonymous said...

Lol actually I prefer this version of Hallelujah:
Rufus Wainwright has the voice for this song I think.
Also, I didn't know you wrote for Primeval!! I'm looking forward to it even more now!! Did you give us loads of Connor/Abby slash?? Or Nick/Jenny?? Spill the spoilers!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff Buckley’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ is seriously good. There have been quite a few versions, all treated very distinctively by their respective singers… and I was beginning to think it was one of those song that couldn’t possibly be ruined.

Until now.

As for H's arse... while she quite happily walked around in her undies in the first series... she was notably covered up for the second. Booooo...

Make her do that again, James.

Dim said...

I agree with all the aforementioned regarding Hannah's arse. I think using "H" as an abbreviation tempts fate by inviting the geek from Steps into the vision of pants-clad loveliness. Arrgh! Wash my brain out with soap.
I love the van pic. DOes that mean there's an "Imitation Marble and Granite Co" that has forced these guys to declare their originality? I was going to send you my amusing pic og the "Canal TV" van who left their door open, obscuring the "C" but I couldn't be arsed. Kick the mutant kiler monster space virus and get back to work, us mortals need more of TV's James Moran to get us through the Festive Period. Though obviously Tampax would allow us to go horseriding, period or not.....

A. P. Douglas said...

To be honest, I prefer this Facebook group:

Allthough Jeff Buckley is obviously amazing.

Anonymous said...

I've never watched either show. I thought you had to live on a council estate, swear at your kids, drink cans of kestrel and eat chips everyday to watch The X Factor.

I hear Limahl is doing a cover of Imagine for next Christmas, Kerry Katona is doing an album of Ella Fitzgerald covers and Paul McCartney is doing a version of The only way is up by Yazz.

Tom Jones will still turn out the same old shit as always.

Jayne said...

I've bought it, even though I've already got it and I prefer the John Cale version. Anything but that X factor nightmare...

Michelle Goode said...

Looks like it'll be number 2 in the charts! I like that rickroll group, too. It would be so funny to make Sir Cliff's Summer Holiday no.1 for Xmas 2009, or a Christmas song as no.1 in the middle of summer! Ha ha!

I have a funny picture with a sign saying "JEWS FOR HIRE" It was meant to say JEWSON TOOL HIRE but people had nicked the letters!