Friday, December 05, 2008

Spooks aftermath

So the BBC1 showing of Spooks got 5.1 million viewers, which I hear is pretty good, so I'm very happy about that. I always knew the death scene was good, but had no idea how well it would go down. But ever since I wrote that moment, I've felt incredibly guilty, a feeling which just got stronger and stronger until the episode was shown. Honestly, I feel awful about it - good drama aside, you're killing off a character that people love, and putting an actor out of a job. It's a huge responsibility. Obviously the actor will get other work, it's not like I actually killed them in real life, but it's still a big deal.

Having said that, I'm sure the actors know the score when they sign up for Spooks - nobody is safe, ever. That's one of the strengths of the show, every week there's no guarantee that they'll all make it out alive, and it brings a genuine tension to the stories. And I'm sure most actors love a good death scene, it makes for a memorable exit. People are still talking about the deep fat fryer from season 1, for example. Not saying my scene is up there with the classics or anything, but I'm sure it's no idle boast to say that it's a pretty shocking moment that many viewers won't forget in a hurry. But still - I wouldn't want to be in on that conversation: "Listen, we're killing off your character. So, basically, you're out. Sorry. It's a really cool scene though."

Although I must admit to being delighted when I saw the BBFC ratings for the different episodes in season 7 - they have various levels of violence and some torture, but all start with the word "moderate". The guideline for episode seven says "Contains one scene of strong gore". I am so easily pleased.

And my favourite comment came from my mate Phil, who said "Blimey, half an hour in your hands, and kindly old ladies turn into crazed killers..."

I've been answering questions about it in the previous post, so have a look there if you want to ask anything, to make sure I haven't already answered. Any new questions, stick 'em here in the comments, I'll answer as best I can.

Speaking of questions: no I don't know who the 11th Doctor is going to be. Please, please, please stop asking me... Even if I knew (which I don't) I'm hardly going to just tell everyone, am I? But I don't know. I also don't know yet if I'm involved in series 5. And I don't know David Tennant's phone number either. Those are the top three questions asked at the moment. The answer to all three is: I don't know OMG please stop asking.

Movie recommendation: Frost/Nixon. It's not out yet, but because I am special and amazing, I have seen it early. As soon as you get a chance, check it out, even if you think it's not your bag. It's one of those movies that is somehow utterly gripping and compelling, despite mainly being men in suits talking to each other in various rooms. It's mesmerising, a writing and acting masterclass.

I'm in the middle of finishing various things at the moment, so I might not get the long promised blog posts ready before Christmas, but I'll try. Obviously the work takes precedence over everything right now. I will do the usual end of year wrap-up ponce-fest thingy though, just in case you were worried that I wouldn't inflict my self-indulgent ramblings on you - rest assured, the ponce-fest will be on time. I'm also waiting to hear back about a couple of possible new jobs. Both are different to anything else I've worked on, and both are things I would absolutely kill to do. That's not a figure of speech. If someone else is ahead of me in the queue, I *will* kill them. I've done it before. I'll do it again.

And now it's cocktail time. Jo has got loads of the standard ingredients for different cocktails, and tonight we're going to sink as many of the bastards as we can while remaining conscious. Yes, it's Friday night.


Dim said...

Cocktails, eh? Bloody Marys? Or Extremely Gory Zombie Bastards? I love Friday nights....

Cunningham said...

Uh, James...?

You remember they all get blown up in an atomic explosion right?


Salina said...

Do know Eve Myles' phone number?

:p <3

laurence timms said...

The 11th Doctor is going to be Kevin Bacon. There. Now everyone can shut up about it.

Cocktails? Pshaw. We're doing beer here this evening. It's beermungous.

Anonymous said...

try my cocktail, this one is actually published in oone of Leicester's most reputable bars 'The Orange Tree' where I worked for two years.

Ok so it's called the Raging Bull
served in a Martini glass.
Igredients are:
25ml Zubwrovka Bison Grass Vodka
12.5ml Silver Tequila
12.5 Apple Schnapps
75ml Apple Juice (cloudy)
dash of grenadine
12.5ml lemon juice

Stake and strain into frosted glass.

I think I am going to have to wtach spooks from the start now in order to get to your episode - I hate jumping into shows half way through.


James Moran said...

Dim: Can't remember the names - will check what we had. They were very nice, and made the world go all swirly...


Jonny: Will try it, but we don't have apple schnapps, tequila or grenadine - we have rum, vodka, blue curacao, gin, lychee liqueur, cherry brandy, noilly prat, vermouth, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, something called Lejay-Lagoute Cacao (?), triple sec, and angostura bitters. And some other things I can't remember. Will any of those do instead?

In fact, everyone hand over your favourite cocktail recipes, and I will bravely try them all, posting our faves on the blog. If I survive. Drink! Feck! Girls! Arse!

Danny Stack said...

A fine cosmopolitan for two:
Two double shots of vodka
One double shot of cointreau
One double shot of lime juice
Five double shots of cranberry juice (3 or 4 if you'd like it stronger).

Keith Topping said...

Jim, baby

AI score of 92 - almost "Doctor Who" level, that!

Just one question - bit of professional curiosity, actually. Connie's "Silence of the Lamb" moment - was that scripted or was it something Gemma came up with on her own? Either way, it was one of the most genuinely chilling moments I can remember on British TV.


Piers said...

It's late, I know. But the next time you're having a cocktail evening...

Extra Dry Martini

Put Martini glasses in freezer.
Wait an hour.
Remove ice from freezer.
Wrap ice in clean tea-towel.
Whack tea-towel with rolling pin many times.
Unwrap crushed ice, and place in cocktail shaker.
Add three measures of vodka, the finest you can afford.
Add half a measure of vermouth, ditto.
Put the cap on.
Leave until a fine frost of condensation has formed on the outside of the cocktail shaker.
Remove Martini glasses from freezer.
Thread two green olives per glass, the finest you can afford, onto cocktail sticks.
Place cocktail sticks in glasses.
Pour the completed Martini over the olives.