Friday, February 06, 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth trailer

Just popping in to say that the Torchwood: Children of Earth trailer is now up.

If you're in the UK, go here.

If you're in the US, go here (which should work anywhere in the world) or here.

Explosions! Creepy stuff! Shenanigans! Running! Snogging! Gore! Swearing! Eve Myles leaping through the air firing two guns! WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT??

That is all for now, I'm carrying on with my holiday, nothing more to see here, move along...


Nina said...

Oooooh...but now, SO many new questions you MUST answer at Gallifrey! ;-)

Phill Barron said...

Even I'm excited about that.

Dim said...

How will I get Dr Who and TW in Canada? Who can tell me? Also, I just bought my daughter's "Dr Who Adventures" magazine (she lets me read it after she's stuck the posters up..) and the big poster this week is a Pyrovile! Now you KNOW you've reached the big time...

Anonymous said...

What else could we want? Well, there's a nice big lengthy list that involves various kinks, CCTV, whipped cream, the current Torchwood team and a stopwatch, but we'll take what we can get. For now, anyway.

potdoll said...

Hope you are having a brilliant time. We are leaving to go back to blighty this weekend :(

Jen said...

Nothing, James. We could ask for nothing more...except maybe an air date, but we try not to dwell.

Chuck said...

The trailer looks cool. Glad to have you in the US, sorry about the weather.

Matthew McIntyre said...


Doctor Who is on CBC:

Torchwood is on Space:

Both of them are also shown, dubbed into French, on Ztele. Torchwood is also available in HD on HDNet Canada.

Finally, classic Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures are on BBC Kids:

Of the new stuff, everything except the most recent Christmas special is available on DVD.

This is a useful weekly guide:

And this is a Canadian fan group:

Tish said...


Ianto still alive by the end of episode 5?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen and Tish; we want airdates and a promise of Ianto's good health. And while we're on the subject of requests, I quite fancy a mansion, a BMW softop, the new ipod nano [purple], the full rights to Torchwood, Jack's gun [take that as you will], a real TARDIS, and a naked John Barro-

See the line. See me cross it.
YEY for Torchwood!! :D
Charl :) xx

Dozeymagz said...

*Falls over in a fit of unbearable excitement*


Kya-tic said...

Yeah, what the others said! This is becoming a mob, almost... what do we want? Air-dates! When do we want them? As soon as they're available!

Congrats on being chosen to write for the new series, really looking forward to it!

Steve Barber said...


I have deposited Sir James and the lovely Lady Jodie at the Virgin Atlantic Terminal here at LAX.

They're now back in your care. Thank you for the kind lending of them for the last couple of weeks. J&J will fill you in on the details, no doubt.

I deny it all.

James Moran said...

Clarrisani: Don't be filthy, this is Torchwood, we don't do that sort of depravity. It's all pure, clean, wholesome fun for all the family.

Potdoll: Boo to Blighty. Although yay for being home in my own bed. Big yay.

Jen: I wish I could decide on the air date, I want everyone to see it right now...

Chuck: Not at all, weather's been lovely, on the whole.

Matthew: Thank you! I will point Dim to your comment, and nod approvingly.

Dim: What Matthew said. (nods approvingly)

Tish: Sorry, the entire cast get killed by tigers in the opening sequence of episode one. Don't tell anyone.

Kya-tic: Thank you! It's going to be great.

Steve: I have no idea who you are. And those hookers were ALIVE when we left them.