Friday, March 13, 2009

Progress report, and Crusoe DVD

Just popping in to say: I'm still alive. However, I am in the midst of an attack of the Space Virus, with a bit of SARS mixed in. I'm halfway through a TV script, hence the sudden silence here. I'd forgotten how much fun scripts are, I've been stuck in outline limbo for a couple of months lately. There'll be other outlines to come soon, but right now, I'm just basking in the glory of a real, live script. I'm also enjoying the new, organised me. Last year I took on too much work, but this year I'm only taking on work that I really, really want to do. I've got enough to keep me going for a good few months, but not too much. It means that I can work on one thing at a time, which feels like a luxury. I'm managing my time better, too - there are limits to when I do and don't work, and I'm making sure that meetings don't eat up too many writing days a week. I've been travelling a lot lately for work reasons, with more trips to come, so I need to guard my time properly. And while I still refuse to set myself normal working hours or daily page goals, I seem to be falling into a more or less regular routine when I'm working on a script. As long as I don't think about that too much, it will hopefully continue. At the moment, the first day's page count becomes an unofficial goal for each day after that, which is working out nicely - each project is different, so the first day is a good test of how many pages you can turn out, without setting some arbitrary goal before you even know how difficult the thing's going to be. Now, at the end of each day, I've done a solid amount of work, and can enjoy the evening without feeling guilty.

I had a lovely birthday, thank you all for the nice messages, and thank you Jo for the brilliant Wii, which is far too much fun. I have ordered the Wii Fit to go with it, because I am tragically unfit and unhealthy, huffing and puffing at the mere thought of standing up. I'll update you on my comedy progress, because if nothing else, it'll be good for a laugh. Haven't started it yet, cause I'm ill, and right now it would probably estimate that I was a 96 year old asthmatic with one leg.

Mr Stephen Gallagher has posted about the upcoming Crusoe DVD release on Region 1, on 5th May, so go and have a look if you haven't already. I have no idea if it's going to be shown on UK telly or not, so this may be the only option for us humble UK folk. I'm really proud to have been part of it, and hope more people get to discover the series.

Update: There's an interview with me in the new issue of The Terrible Zodin, a Doctor Who fanzine. Go and check it out and tell them I said hello.

I'm going to do the writing FAQ post next, because I keep putting it off, and I've been getting a lot of questions recently. So hold on to your hats, or arses, or whatever you fancy.


Le Mc said...

Naughty place!

Nicole said...

Well congrats to you for getting into a routine :)

I hope you start to feel better soon.

Steve Barber said...

Glad to note you're settling into an interesting routine and back to "real writing". A friend of mine writes a blog for Psychology Today magazine on "Creative Flow" -- a process which would undoubtedly be quite tested by your own practices.

Don't worry about the silences so long as you promise the time spent will result in simply fabulous tele-vosity.

Cheers to Jodie, and take your meds like a man.

(Heh, heh, my word verification is "plismsob".)

David Lemon said...

Hi James
always good to hear how other people work- that work/life balamnce is a tricky one when you don't keep official hours.
And wii fit's lot of fun, even if I am officially in the 'overweight section' with the BMI of a 43 year old.

Anonymous said...

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