Monday, April 06, 2009

Primeval aftermath and interviews

Blimey, that was good fun - the live Twitter chat thingy went really well, everyone was really nice, and nobody shouted "OMG U SUCK LOLZ", which was a relief. If you missed it, or have only recently watched the episode, you can see the whole thing starting from here - I'm posting as "itvprimeval", just keep clicking the "Newer" link to go through all the posts. Thanks, ITV people, for letting me login to your account, and sorry for making fun of one of the adverts during a break, but it *was* bloody disturbing ("Mummy - I'm going to have a POO. Yes, a POO. I'm going for a POO now" - okay, okay, I get it, thanks for that image at teatime by the way)

There's a short interview about the episode over at the Den of Geek here, which I completely forgot to mention before the show, because I'm rubbish.

Speaking of interviews, I did a really fun one a while ago for Whotopia magazine, and the first half (I ramble a lot) is out now. Pop over to the website and check out the magazine. Tell em Uncle Jimbo sent you. As added incentive, I'm on the cover, and am the jam in a Matt Smith/Bonnie Langford sandwich. Yeah. Yeah, you like that.

The Writing FAQ got a lovely mention over at the blog of author Nicola Morgan, who quite correctly points out my failure to mention boots, chocolate, and sparkly wine as crucial elements of the creative process. Also, the importance of NOT putting sweets or other cutesy stuff in with a submission - it won't make you seem quirky and fun, it will instead have the same effect as smearing the words "I IS MAD" on a sheet of paper using your own faeces. Great, I've lowered the tone again, now she's going to regret sending people over here from her respectable blog... Sorry. Anyway, check out Nicola's blog, which is full of fantastic, detailed advice - it's aimed at authors, but many of it crosses over and applies to screenwriting too - agents, query letters, and so on.



Obviously, I agree with everything you said about my blog (and thank you). You are welcome to lower the tone whenever you like, as I am not too bothered about "respectable" and you are a TV person and we all know what that medium is like for lowering what might have been a literary tone. Also, you have a disturbing insight into the workings and stuff of Twitter and I consider myself much better twitucated after reading your recent posts, so thank you for that too. Blogwise, keep up the good work and I'll look forward to popping over to see how (if) screen people work.

0tralala said...

Hey big fella. My mate Scott used your Primeval to warp his daughter's brain.

Steve Barber said...

(Pssst. James. Nicola Morgan doesn't know about your sexy writing boots. Did you leave them at Harlan's again???)

Shane Knight said...

With regret I sort of missed Saturdays episode. We went to my mothers for Pizza with the intentions of viewing the lastest installment, then my sister turned up with her fella and the beers/wine were just going down to easily.

We started watching the first few minutes and got to the first break, but then my 19month starting singing twinkle twinkle and old mcdonald and that was it, SHOW OVER.

I'll be keeping an eye out for the ITV2 repeats.

Sorry James.

Cunningham said...

Saw it Sunday night.

Loved same.

That is all.

BaaBaaDooFarm said...

Thanks for the link to Whotopia, James! The good news is we are revamping the zine and website, and by the next issue #17 that contains your Part 2, the zine should be totally online and free (I am pretty sure). The first part should be made available as well. We are excited about the changes!

BTW, did that package show up yet? I had to repack it at the PO because they thought I was sending terrorist tools or porn or something, so I was worried about whether it would make it. I had to fill out a customs form too!

James Moran said...

Nicola: Oh, it's very much "if", we are much better procrastinators...

Simon: That's lovely (although I'm phoning social services now), really nice blog post. I've chatted to him by email, too.

Shane: You've let me down, you've let yourself down, you've let the whole school down. See me after.

Captain Pulp: Yes! Hope I gave you enough Jenny moments to sate your evil desires.

BaaBaaDoo: No worries, looking forward to the changes. No sign of package yet, but it can take anything up to a week or so, depending on entirely random factors. Although, if it's not terrorist tools or porn, I won't even open it...

Shane Knight said...


I'll download then James!!!

That alrite??? ;)

Le Mc said...

Thanks for the links and general bloggage. I don't really "get" Primeval, I've really tried. But I tuned in to your episode. I thought it was genuinely suspenseful--shame I hadn't seen it yet when interviewed you for TTZ--and tripped along at quite a good pace. Definitely looking forward to all the projects you mentioned above.