Friday, April 03, 2009

Primeval, with live Twitterage

So, my Primeval episode is showing on Saturday, at 6.55pm on ITV1. Last week, for the premiere, there was a live Twitter chat during the show, for fans of the show to talk about it as it happened. So I thought it would be fun to do the same thing for my one, but with me joining in and answering questions and so on. I mentioned it to the ITV chaps and chapesses, and they suggested I be a "guest Tweeter" on the official ITV Primeval Twitter account. This is good because (a) it makes it official, (b) people who follow me won't be inundated with posts, and (c) ABSOLUTE POWAHHHH!

If you want to join in, here's what you need to do:

1: Sign up for Twitter, if you haven't already

2: Get ready to watch the show on ITV1, or on the ITV website (where you can also play their interactive game thingy, Primeval Evolved)

3: When the show starts, type your messages into the text box on your Twitter home page, making sure to put the word #primeval in there (don't forget the # symbol) - a hashtag is just a label which means that other people can easily find your comments

4: Go to the Twitter search site, or TwitterFall, or use a Twitter desktop client like TweetDeck (I use this, it's free and brilliant), and search for the hashtag #primeval - this will show you every Twitter entry that contains that term. If you're using Twitter software, then you can chat and see what others are saying at the same time - the Twitter chat won't be on the ITV website, so you'll need to use something to see all the #primeval posts

5: Keep chatting until the show ends, at which point I will say goodbye, and go back to my regular account, which is here

Any questions?

Q: I haven't seen episode one/the previous series/any of Primeval/any TV episodes of anything ever - can I still watch yours without confusion?

A: Yes. SPOILERS! Very mild spoilers in this paragraph! To sum up, the show is about a group of people investigate strange holes in time ("anomalies"), because dangerous creatures from Earth's past or future come through the anomalies and cause mayhem. Cutter (gruff Scottish team leader) is currently trying to figure out how to predict the anomalies, and his evil ex-wife Helen is usually up to something naughty. You'll be fine.

Q: I can't see it until it's on BBC America - why do you hate me?? WHY??

I don't hate you, you're very special. So when it shows on BBCA, I will *TRY*, timezones and work permitting, to do something similar while it airs. It may be tricky to co-ordinate, and I might have to do something else. But I'll try and do something specifically for you. See? I *told* you you were special.

Q: I'm still not clear about Twitter - can I get a friendly celeb to explain it all for me, simply and clearly?

A: Yes, you can. Click here for Phillip Schofield's guide to Twitter. Yes, seriously. But remember, he's not a Twitter Policeman.


Steve Barber said...


BBCA isn't running the new season yet. AND I don't "tweet".

Feeling very left out.

James Moran said...

Steve: You are not alone! See the updated post, with BBC America love.

Steve Barber said...

Thanks James! Your fans across the pond feel much more loved now.

Anonymous said...

Jamessss! That episode was brilliant! One of my all time favourites! (and I'm not just saying that because you wrote it!)
Loved the scary little camoflauge monster things! I only screamed once :)
Will you be writing more for Primeval?
Charl :)

CDH said...


BBCA starts airing Primeval S3 on May 16th. I think that lines your episode up for May 23rd. Better get ready for Twittering at insane hours of the morning!