Friday, April 24, 2009

Severance on BBC1 tonight, 11.50pm

Don't forget, Severance is on BBC1 tonight, at 11.50pm.

If you've been thinking of seeing it, but didn't want to spend the £3.99 to buy it from Play, or whatever it costs to rent it from your local DVD emporium, then you can watch it tonight, on telly, for FREE! Unless you live outside the UK, in which case, you can't. Sorry.

If you like horror movies, you'll like this one too! The synopsis on the Sky guide says "A team-building exercise goes wrong when the group is set upon by crazed killers. Contains very strong language and graphic violence." Very strong language! Graphic violence! YEEEES!

If you hate horror movies, check it out anyway! I know several people who liked it even though they don't usually like horror. You could be one of those people!

If you have already seen it, then good for you! Why not watch it again? It's not that long, and you might discover a whole new subtext the second time around (yeah, I said "might", didn't promise anything).

If you don't have a television, why not sit staring at the corner of the room for 90 minutes? You can imagine what it's like, and then compare notes tomorrow with your friends who do have televisions. Just think of the fun you could have!

If you are dead, then... sorry! I promise it wasn't me, I wasn't even there, what are you talking about, I have an alibi for that day.

Just watch the bloody movie, or I'll keep talking shite like this. And nobody wants that.


Nicole said...

But your posts make me giggle so :)

I've got Severance on my Netflix queue so I will get to it eventually :) I promise that.

Rosby said...

Shite? Never! Will try and comandeer the telly from my parents.

Apologies if you've mentioned it and I haven't spotted it in the blog, but have you seen In The Loop? It's fantastic, but as a consequence of watching it I don't think I'll be able to watch Peter Capaldi in series three of Torchwood without laughing, or waiting for Frobisher to let out a volley of filth that would make Tarantino blush.

Sorry for the random comment. Looking forward to Severance!

Splinter073 said...

Watching it right now! Honest! They just got off the coach! Got the laptop with me too of course!

Seen it before and love it! But like you say "Why not watch it again!?" Great stuff!

Dozeymagz said...

Tis a jolly good flick indeed! I loved it.

So - if anyone HASN'T seen it yet - make sure to park your fuzzy butt down tonight and watched it!

Anonymous said...

Finally saw it yesterday. What a good mix of horror and comedy. Surprised how you pulled the two together.

Gonna pick up the DVD too.

Le Mc said...

James, I have a question for you about cover letters when submitting your spec script to agents. (This doesn't have a whole lot to do with this particular post, but maybe a little.) In the cover letter, do they want to know more about you and your writing or more about the specific life of the spec script even though it will never get made? When submitting to BBC writersroom which I've done 3 times before and never had luck with, they ask for a series synopsis, character profiles, something about the demographic the series will appeal to, and the entire first episode. If an agent wants your first ep, your synopsis and the cover letter, what do you say in the cover letter?

I ask because ... I can.

Rob Gough said...

I saw it when it was at the cinema, great film... i only mention it because i'm another on in the "don't like horrors" but "loved it anyway" camp. :)


Martin K. Smith said...

I was sleeping, so didn't watch it - Though i definitely would have.

If the 3.99 price tag on Play is true though, i may go ahead and purchase it when Im next buying stuff.

I lost my copy, see.

Oli said...

Still good.

Anonymous said...

I sat up late and watched it (for the first time) and greatly enjoyed it. Hurrah!

At 1:20am I told myself: "Try to get some rest." So I went to bed, very happy that I'd finally seen the film.

Lucy said...

OMG, I *totally* forgot it was on - even though I read this post on bloody Friday and worryingly, am only remembering NOW!!! I got drunk and had it off with Mr. Bang2write instead, musta got rid of more brain cells than I thought, yikes.

To make up for this, I will answer Le Mc for you, James - I've got a post on cover & query letters here.

jim said...

James: If you could be king for a day, and were suddenly awarded the resources (including free time and casting autonomy) to rewrite *and* re-shoot any horror / suspense film ... which would you choose to recreate in your own way? Would you remake a classic, or polish up an old turkey that was just a few script points from genius?

James Moran said...

Thanks everyone who said nice things, I'm chuffed at the reaction the movie's still getting.

Rosby: Haven't seen it, but have seen some clips of that and the TV show, the man is a fantastic swearer. Wish I could have got him to say fuckflaps too.

Le Mc: Cover letter should be very short, to the point, if it's a first contact one - mention anything that you've done that's relevant to your writing (competitions, jobs, etc), say you're looking for representation, a brief line saying what the script is about, mention that you have other scripts, the sort of thing you like to write, just give the impression that you're in this for the long haul and not a quick buck. Keep it short and professional, don't make jokes, don't be cutesy, or you'll sound like a nutter.

If it's a script they've asked to read, then the letter should just say something like "as requested in our email/phonecall of 1/1/2009, here is the script for ROBOT MONKEY. Hope you enjoy it, thank you for taking the time to read it" and that's about it. If you haven't done the first contact cover letter, you can *briefly* mention some of the stuff you would have said in the above cover letter. They're really busy people, busy with their clients and everything else - they only want to know (a) if the script is good, and (b) if you are sane.

I can't find the original cover letter I used when I got my agent, but from memory, it was basically something like: "Enclosed are two scripts, a dark thriller film called Mirror, and a surreal black comedy horror TV episode called The School. I'm looking for representation and very much hope that you will agree to take me on. Recently I won the UK Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-Fi Shorts competition, and had my ten minute script made into a short film. I'm now trying to take the next step, and hopefully start a writing career. Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the scripts."

Martin: It certainly is true, and a bargain, I say.

Lucy: Wow, too much information... And I appreciate the thought, but I answer questions on here to illustrate my own personal experiences - I know lots of other people have good posts about things I answer, but I'll answer them on my blog myself.

Jim: If I had that much power, I would make sure that anyone who wanted to do a remake had to go through a strict vetting process, to ascertain their intelligence, passion, and creativity. Any movies that just cannot be improved upon (Halloween, for example) would be banned from being remade. Classics that could easily co-exist with a good updated version would get through, as long as the people involved met the above requirements (which they did for, say, Dawn of the Dead, and The Thing). I'm not automatically against remakes, but there are FAR too many that bring nothing to the table and don't improve anything. If I was going to pick something to remake, I'd go for The Beast Must Die - great idea (several people in a country house, one is a werewolf, the host wants to figure out who it is and hunt them, with a "werewolf break" for the audience to guess!), but could be updated really well (i.e. not a dog in a wig).

Lucy said...

"Answer FOR you" was a poor choice of words on my part James, especially as I figured you'd answer Le Mc in any case as well. I was just being light hearted. Consider my wrists slapped by your virtual ruler (oo er)

Jason Arnopp said...

Ohhh, The Beast Must Die! Tremendous.

"Could it be... Paul Foot?"

Chris Page said...

Just seen on my local news that some eejit has copied Claudie Blakley's character's burning death for real on someone. The "journalist" reporting it obviously hasn't seen the film, because he said the victim in the film was a MAN. What happened to RESEARCH???

Tom Murphy said...

I hope you're geting a residual for the screening at Norwich Crown Court

(Seriously, I'm sure you're furious about your work being hijacked like that.)

James Moran said...

Re: Severance being mentioned in that trial - I'll have to comment on this once the trial is over, as I don't want to find myself in contempt of court (which includes publication of material that may compromise a fair trial). So check back here when it's over, and I'll go into great detail about my feelings on this, without having to watch how I phrase things.

What I will say is to the papers reporting it: it's a woman, not a man, and it's not a SPOOF horror movie, it's a horror movie with some funny bits. Thank you.

cat said...

be entertained

Le Mc said...

Thank you for that big long complicated answer. :-)

Niel Bushnell said...

I set my DVD to record this but have somehow got 'Highlander: The Source' instead. My eyes are comitting suicide!