Monday, May 18, 2009

BAFTA Television Craft Awards

I'm extremely proud to say that The Fires of Pompeii has won the Visual Effects BAFTA in the Television Craft Awards. I still remember the first time I saw the finished effects, sitting in a tiny room in The Mill, watching a tiny TV screen, and marvelling at how bloody fantastic they were. They looked even better at the press screening for episodes 1 and 2, when we watched it on a huge cinema screen. The eruption of Vesuvius was gobsmacking, and the Pyrovile creatures were superb - exactly as I'd pictured them in my head, even the way they walked and moved. The Mill did an amazing job, and the award is very well deserved. Even though I can't actually take credit for the visual effects, I'm still going to pretend to have won a BAFTA - there's no way anyone will be able to find out the truth, is there? No? Good.

Also delighted to see that Philip Kloss won the Editing Fiction/Entertainment BAFTA for his work on Doctor Who. Go Philip!

Very disappointed that RTD didn't win for Midnight, I honestly think it's the best episode so far of New Who, hands down, it's a stunning piece of work. Disappointed that there was no nomination for the sound on that episode either. I guess the only thing I can do is get the BAFTA directory, then find and publicly spank every single member, including myself, to teach us all a lesson. Don't worry, I'll do it good and hard.

But it all works out in the end, because at the BAFTA Cymru awards, Russell won Best Writer for Midnight, and the same ep took the Best Sound award too (the fab team of Julian Howarth, Paul McFadden, Paul Jefferies, and Tim Ricketts), along with Philip Kloss again for Editing, and Euros Lyn for directing The Silence In The Library. When I went in to do my Pompeii commentary, Paul McFadden gave us a quick demonstration of the sound work he was doing on Midnight - he'd been doing it for ages, and was still only halfway there. As I saw how finely detailed and difficult the work was, I felt myself starting to go insane. I get the same thing when I see how they make stop motion animation films. So I'm really glad that they got recognised for their hard work.

Finally, I'm very pleased to announce that I've just won the TV's James Moran Award for Being Awesome, a highly regarded award in my house, which is decided by me. Obviously, to avoid accusations of cheating, I make the decision with my eyes closed and my trousers down. This is the tenth year running that I've won my own award, but it gets better every time. Go me!

Award! Award! Award Award Award Award Award!


Shane Knight said...

Thats awesome, because just this weekend I won Best Dressed, Best Naked, Best haircut, Best Dad, Best Murderer, Sexiest male, Best Dad and The Max Beesley Award for being a Manc

Rosby said...

Completely share your opinion on Midnight; I remember being utterly hooked from the start. It's very claustrophobic and the terror comes from something unknown, which always heightens the tension.

Congratulations to you and to them for the Bafta success! The Fires of Pompeii was stunning; Doctor Who always blows everything out of the water.

By the way, will you be attending the BFI preview of Torchwood in June? John Barrowman's going, but I'm not sure who else from the cast and crew is; would be very exciting to see you!

BaaBaaDooFarm said...

Congrats all around! Don't forget those FX sprang from your very own twisted imagination.

Midnight definitely deserved the wins; I was surprised it didn't make the Hugo nominations, though Turn Left is a strong contender. Sigh, the RTD and DT era is really starting to seem so final now. But then again, like I said before, I think this is the Year of the Moran!

Tom Murphy said...

Good work on picking up the Morannie. I was pretty pleased to make the shortlist for Best Writer in Our House earlier in the year, but got pipped by Wifey.

the Pyrovile creatures were superb - exactly as I'd pictured them in my head, even the way they walked and movedDid you have any input into the design and development of the creatures? Or did the Millsters just pick up everything they needed from your razor-sharp script descriptions?

Le Mc said...


I found "Midnight" quite impressive. Clearly the Welsh are the ones who should give out all the awards!

Splinter073 said...

Can't believe you won the TV's James Moran Award for Being Awesome, again!!

It's now been 11 years since I last won it!

Damn you!

Congrats on the BAFTA though! ;)

Chuck said...

Pompeii is one of my favorites. For me it is where Donna found her stride and Catherine Tate a chance to flex her muscle. Of coarse that never would of happened if someone had not wrote the words down first.

Dozeymagz said...

Yay! Shiny Awards all round and jolly well deserved they were too!

And I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank.... what? You mean I didn't win the 'TV's James Moran Award for Being Awesome' award AGAIN? Huh! Well, all that bribe money and silky underwear for nothing!
Next year I tell you! It WILL be mine! NEXT YEAR!!!!! SEE IF I DON'T!

Chris Page said...

Congrats on your Vicarious Victory!