Sunday, May 24, 2009

Comments and spammers

Hello everyone! TV's James Moran here. Well, it was good while it lasted, leaving comments open and anonymous, but once again some troglodyte has been spamming me with comments about how to buy gold, or hire sexy detectives, among other nonsense. I've just had to go through over 70 posts, deleting spam comments. Not good.

So, I've had to disable anonymous comments again, probably for good this time. But Uncle Jimbo, I hear you cry, what if I want to leave an anonymous comment, or make up a silly name for comedy purposes?? Never fear, because you can easily register for a Blogger or Google or Livejournal or Wordpress or Typepad or AIM or OpenID account, all for free, all anonymously - you can create an account with a false name if you need to. It's only a slight inconvenience, but will save me from huge amounts of spam trouble.

OpenID is good, because you may already have one - lots of accounts you probably already have will work as an OpenID login. Click here to find out which ones will work.

The downside is, if you want gold, or sexy detectives, you will have to go elsewhere. Sorry about that.

I've put this info above the comments box, in case people miss this announcement. You'll also notice a few words about some house rules - nothing major, just so that everyone knows the score. Basically, play nice, don't be a dick, careful with spoilers, and don't insult other writers. Most of you don't need to be told this, for which I thank you sincerely. Now, you may go about your business.


james henry said...

Mistr Morrane! My name is Writer Jaems Henri and only four days ago my uncles's boat sank in the Cornwall River with much idea for ecxcellent series on bord in treatment form! He was going to send it to yo and I hav kept his promises always! Just send me your bank details and I wil arrange to get the treatment bort up and sent you if yu give me haf your residuals.

yrs sexily Major John Detective

Anonymous said...

Sorry - is this the place where I can buy gold from sexy detectives?

Le Mc said...

What about sexy detectives MADE OF gold?

Nicole said...

I'm just going to say You have to do what you have to do.

and I enjoyed what I did see of your Primeval episode last night.

Dozeymagz said...

Oh those pesky Spambots - Menace and Scourge of the Universe - second only to my ultimate nemesis - The Sugar Puffs of Evil!!!

(OK, maybe that last bit was just in my head.)

Let us up arms against these degenerate and heinous Cyber delinquents regardless of how much sexy gold thingies they have!

Eleanor said...

No, no. The Sugar Puffs of Evil!!! do exist.

Scaryduck said...

Sexy detectives are over-rated. And I'm not just saying that because of my half-share in the Ann Widdecombe Detective Agency (Motto: Crimes solved despite face like a slapped arse)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Moran. My girlfriend (at least I think she was my girlfriend, that wasn't made clear) has been trapped in an alternate universe in a deperate attempt to rid the world of Daleks and Cybermen. Can you please deposit money in my account to help me afford a newer type of TARDIS such as a Type 39? It is much appreciated.

Alison said...

Hello James. I met you at the Gallifrey Convention in LA in February, and what with being one of millions of fans I'm sure you remember me very, very clearly. Yeah.
I was just checking in to say thanks for the advice on writing that you have here. I've been writing like a bastard for years and I love it more than ever. The addiction has surpassed my coffee fetish. I now have a literary agent in LA. And a lot of parking tickets. Living the dream.
Thanks again. Keep up the great work. Alison :-D

Dom Carver said...

I like spam, but it's not as good as corned beef.