Thursday, May 07, 2009

Scott Frank, answering questions

Okay, if you want some pure, fried gold on the nitty gritty of screenwriting, you need to go to this link here - Scott Frank, in the Ask a Pro section of the Artful Writer forums, is answering questions, explaining how he works, and generally kicking ass and taking names. Yes, Scott Frank. Little Man Tate, Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Minority Report, The Lookout, and many more. You'll need to register in the forum to see the thread, but it's free, quick, and easy.

It's brilliant stuff, especially his thoughts on the sequence-based approach to writing scripts: "This gives me a headache. But if it works for you, go for it. I wonder, though, if Steve Zallian organizes his scripts this way. Or Tony Gilroy. Or Charlie Kaufman. Or Paul Attanasio. Or Paul Thomas Anderson. Or the Coens. Yes, now I that I think about it, Slumdog Millionaire could have benefitted from being a little better sequenced."

Go read. Now.


lakeviewer said...

I just came in from Inukshuk Adventure, on a lark. Now, I see this as a sign for me, a new adventure or two. Thanks for the link. I'm honored to have run into you. (I bet you get that all the time in your neck of the woods.)

Shane Knight said...

Sorry to go off topic but the Crusoe DVD is out!!!

David Lemon said...

Thanks for flagging this up.
My favourite part is on people who claim to have a 'magic formula' for screenwriting success:

'Anyone who says they've found the secret to anything is a douchebag. Once you think you know what you're doing, you're officially a hack. You no longer think you have anything to learn. Try not to sit next to those people at dinner parties. Unless you really like listening.'

Top stuff.

Eric Myers said...

Thanks for the post. Frank is sweet.

Just discovered your site. A lot of gold here too...

Ephiny said...

Thanks for the link! Just realised that my favourite part of his posts is the part you quoted about structure. *grin* Very satisfying.

Also: I absolutely loved your post about the 7 deadly sins of horror movies. Found it in my bookmarks yesterday and had a good laugh all over again.