Friday, May 15, 2009

Two quick news snippets

Mr Tony Lee and Mr Dan Boultwood are signing their graphic novel Hope Falls, at Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport Street, London, tomorrow, Saturday 16th May, from 2pm to 4pm. If you buy Hope Falls, Tony Lee will also sign your copy of Doctor Who: The Forgotten. So go along, support good comics and creators, and don't look Tony directly in the eye if he's been at the gin. He has also threatened to hold a post-signing drinking session somewhere. Run. Run away.

Primeval starts on BBC America tomorrow - Saturday 16th May, at 9pm ET/PT whatever that means. My episode is the 2nd one, so it'll be on Saturday 23rd. No idea if they're cut, but the show is normally on ITV with several ad breaks, so hopefully any cuts will be minimal. Was hoping to do a live Twitter-along when mine is on, but I think it'll be 3 or 4am here, so... I'll have to do something else. Suggestions always welcome...

That's all for now, work to do, nothing to see, move along.


Nicole said...

9pm ET/PT means 9pm Eastern and Pacific time.

Eastern time is the time zone for the people on the east coast of the US.

Pacific time is for the people out on the west coast.

Since you are 5 hours ahead of the East coast in terms of time 9pm EST will be 2am your time.

And for the record it's BBCA, they will find some way to butcher the episode they always do no matter what.

Chuck said...

BBCA only butchers the most important parts, the parts that might tie episodes together, or where major characters die.

It's like some bastard jerk who should of been fired from the BBC years ago begged and pleaded for his job, and only after sniveling, groveling and performing several "special" tricks he was put in charge of hacking up perfectly good shows to play for Americans. As if we Americans can't tolerate a program that is not brutalized.
So there he sits saying, "let's cut this part out", it would only confuse and frighten the poor backwoods, Americans.

And for that matter why the hell in this day and age do we still need to say that shows start and stop on the hour, this isn't the friggin 50's. I can stream, I have a DVR. I rarely watch at appointed time. None of that shit matters anymore. What does matter is leaving the the damm show intact.


Nicole just got me all wound up with her last sentence.

I'm done now.

Anonymous said...

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Nicole said...

Hey Chuck, I agree completely with everything you've said. I might have even said some of those phrases to Viewer Relations at BBCA and they were like "We don't get why you are upset with us butchering out the most important parts of the S4 finale of DW"

Chuck said...

It's not just BBCA, Sci Fi is just as guilty, perhaps the same numb nuts wonk edits for both. Like in "Left Turn", or was it "Right Turn" the whole bit with Rose whispering two words to Donna was just GONE.

It's a good thing I didn't even get started with the Sci Fi channel, I guess I should be content that they at least air some parts of the episodes to break up the commercials.