Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Torchwood at the BFI, and magazines

A quick roundup of some things:

Thing 1: On Friday, June 12th, there's a special preview of Episode 1 of Torchwood: Children of Earth at the BFI. Afterwards there's a Q+A with John, Eve, Gareth, Kai, and director Euros Lyn. I'll be attending too, in the audience (won't be in the Q+A, it's not my episode), so hopefully I'll see you there. If you're going, let me know, and say hello if you see me. Don't be shy, I'm just some bloke, and not at all scary in real life...

Thing 2: The Doctor Who Magazine special issue is now out, featuring 200 Golden Moments from the entire series. I've contributed a small piece for it, on the closing speech in Survival. The whole magazine is a lovely piece of work, and is a big love letter to the show.

Thing 3: I'm also briefly quoted in issue 3 of Wired UK. It's been a fantastic read for 3 issues now, and I thoroughly recommend it. You can probably grab back issues of 1 and 2, so go and do that. Can't remember what page I'm on, but I'm there with some other media types talking about the future of entertainment. Full disclosure: Wired UK deputy editor Ben Hammersley is in my garden right now, with a knife between his teeth, "watering" the grass. If I don't plug the magazine, I fear for my safety.

Next post will be some rambling about my current projects, and what I'm doing next.


Rosby said...

Hurrah, you're going to the preview! I've been really hoping you'd be there, and I'll be really excited to meet you. Are you not doing the Q & A? A pity if you're not; would be great to see you on stage.

Is John still attending, as well? I assumed that he'd still be out for the count, considering his recent accident.

Really looking forward to it!

James Moran said...

Rosby: Nope, just a guest in the audience - not part of the Q+A, it's not my episode. But I'll be there! Don't know if John's still making it, I think it rules out too much travel, but London might be doable.

Anonymous said...

ooh can't wait to FINALLY see COE now. It feels like I've waited a lfetime now. It's still going to be another month before we see the rest right?

it's a shame you're not going to be on the Q&A but I am pleased that Euros, and the main cast will be there.
I hope John can still make it bless him

If I see you I will excitedly bounce up to you and say hello

Scaryduck said...

Most frightening moment in my life: Sitting in the front row of a New Meeja conference, in which a kilted (and extraordinarily excellent) Mr Hammersley is sitting in an easy chair on the stage directly in front of me.

"It's fine" he tells the gallery, "I won't cross my legs"

Anonymous said...

I am so envious I might just explode and make a bloody awful mess.

Dim said...

Really? Really only just seen Joe Vs the Volcano? How have you got this far through life without access to the phrase "Brain cloud"?