Thursday, June 25, 2009

Twitter competition

I recently reached over 2000 followers on Twitter, and decided to mark the occasion with a competition. This blog post is for those of you in different timezones who missed the live rule-tweeting. But please note: this is a Twitter competition. You can only enter on Twitter, following the rules below. If you enter by email or using the blog comments, you will be disqualified, and I'll point and laugh at you for being unable to follow simple instructions.

If you don't "do" Twitter, you have two options: (1) join Twitter and enter the competition, or (2) don't enter, and carry on with your life as normal. I won't judge you if you choose (2). Lots of perfectly normal people will never ever use Twitter. That's fine. But this is a competition specifically for Twitter people, so don't complain that you can't enter. You *can* enter - if you use Twitter. Nobody's forcing you to do anything, nobody's taking anything away from you, this is all just a bit of fun that you can take part in or not. Your life is still your own! Now, those Twitter rules as they were posted:

To celebrate 2000 followers, here's a Twitter exclusive competition. Details to come. Please read ALL conditions carefully, and follow them.

Caption this: - tweet a caption, or edit pic to add speech bubbles, if you like. Use #jmcap hashtag so I can see it.

Make sure you use that hashtag so I know it's an entry into the competition. You don't have to reply to me. Use the hashtag and I'll see it.

If you're not sure what the pic is: it is me, standing on the lift, in the Torchwood Hub. Looking up at the exit.

Just text. No adding images into the pic, that's cheating. Just text (and speech bubbles if required). As funny/weird/scary as you like.

I will ONLY accept entries on Twitter, with the #jmcap hashtag. Otherwise I can't/won't see them.

Deadline is up to and including 1st July. Any entries on 2nd July won't count. Me, @jodiekearns, and possibly a panel of experts will judge.

Judges decisions are final. Any "but mine was better" whining will result in public ridicule. This is meant to be fun, don't poke the bear.

Prize? Your name. As a character. In the next thing I get made or publish, whatever's first. Might not be DW/TW related, though.

Might be TV ep, movie, short story, no idea yet. You might be good, bad, or twisted babykiller. You take your chances. No idea when, either.

Can't promise you'll have lines. But your name will be prominent and clear. You can show it to people. I will blog it so you can prove it.

Will also sign and send you a copy of the DVD or book or magazine or whatever, when it comes out. Don't keep asking me when, I may not know.

You may nominate your mum/friend/husband/etc's name if you like. No fake names. No "Shithead McCockfiend". No messing about.

I'll Tweet and blog the winner, and runners up (who might get small things if I have any around). It's open to all followers, old and new.

I will repost these rules on my blog, so that people can find them more easily. But you must ONLY enter on Twitter. Not on blog or by email.

Enter as many times as you like. But quantity doesn't matter, only quality. No rush. You have a week. Calm down!

By the way, I use my friends/family names in things regularly, so they have no need to enter. This is for all you lovely followers.

Don't forget, you don't need to use reply, just the hashtag- this gives you more room for captioning.

These are the rules. Do not argue or I will destroy you. If your question isn't answered here, the answer's probably no. Go! Get captioning!

So there you have it. For new Twitterers, go here to find out what Twitter is, and here to find out what hashtags are. You can check out all the entries so far here, or by searching for #jmcap using any other Twitter search device. Now have at it!

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