Friday, June 05, 2009

Utopia convention

Don't forget, I'll be at the Utopia convention tomorrow, Saturday, 6th June - link goes to the schedule. There aren't any more tickets left, but this is just to remind those of you already going that I'll be there. Come and say hello, don't be shy, I don't bite too hard, and usually have already murdered someone first thing in the morning, so my kill-urge will be sated for a few hours.

I'm doing a panel at 10am with Tracey Childs (Metella from my Pompeii episode), and will be signing anything you want to bring along from 11.20am until 1.30.

Let me know if you read the blog, or follow me on Twitter, I'm always curious to find out if any of you are real. Looking forward to seeing you there! If you exist, of course. And if *I* exist. Which I'm not sure of.


Falada said...

Would love to come, if there wasn't half of Europe plus the Channel in the way.
So this is the only way to say: Hi, great work, keep it up, and please do start to believe in existence! Yours, and ours (at least mine, since I'm pretty sure I am real. Well, sometimes. Maybe yesterday, for about 43 minutes?).

Whatever. Have fun at the convention!

Chuck said...

"...I'm always curious to find out if any of you are real...."

Being there is not necessarily a good indicator of being real.

Anonymous said...

Well, since I am a "lazy bitch" I sent my minions to hunt you down... although one of them is technically the President of Torchwood Australia... which kinda makes me her minion... yeah...