Friday, July 03, 2009

Telegraph article by me

Just a reminder that tomorrow's Telegraph TV Magazine (it comes with the newspaper) features an article by me, all about the Torchwood Children of Earth writing process, with a few other random digressions. I believe it'll be mentioned on the front cover, which is very exciting.

Update! It's also now online, so you can read it right here, without having to leave the house.

And another reminder that the new series starts on Monday at 9pm on BBC1, although I'm sure you all probably know that by now. Yes.

Update: Didn't realise, but this was my 500th post! Blimey. That's a lot of nonsense over the past 6 years. You may celebrate in your own way, or not at all, whatever you prefer. I'm a benevolent dictator.


Dim said...

I wondered how the hell I was going to get my hands on a copy of the Telegraph (no point asking the folks back in the UK, I'd end up with a Guardian, a Radio Times and a Free paper, like the Winchester Extra...) Anyway, now I've been able to read and digest the Wisodm of TV's James Moran, even though I live in Canadaland. And by a charming freak pof internet formatting, one of the lines read: ...noboBY Jamesd Morany... which took a bit of decoding. I figured either you were inventing new words (no harm there, Shakespeare did it and HE never got to write for DW) or they'd accidentally put your "By James Moran" into the middle of the word "nobody". Don't take that as a sign of anything.

Alison said...

Oh you sound all clever and successful and stuff! I hate you. (with love, though).

I'm flying back to England to see your episode on Wednesday. It's a coincidence, but I think you should be flattered anyway. Enjoy the week! We certainly will. x

David Lemon said...

Lovely article, Mister M. Sounds like a writer-friendly process in DW/Torchwood Land- and I think it shows in the pace and wit of the finished product(s). Wish more of the UK film industry valued writers in the same way.
Looking forward to a week of creepy posessed kids, Gwen doing that John Woo two-gun-shooty-thing and Peter Capaldi playing someone who looks a helluva lot like that chap in Pompeii...

Andrew said...

Am I being thick or is "When I started out in 2003, noboBy Jamesd Morandy here was making science fiction TV" gibberish?

Of course, I can't discount the possibility that both of those are true.

Charlotte said...

Wait, what, Torchwood is on MONDAY? -THIS- monday?!? Oh my god, seriously?!

I'm kidding, of course. I've had 'TORCHWOOD!!!!' scribbled, underlined and highlighted on my calendar since the date was confirmed. AWESOME article, and yet again makes me insanely jealous and more determined to succeed with my career.