Monday, June 14, 2010

Screening of "Dreams With Sharp Teeth", with Q&A

Do you like Harlan Ellison? Do you want to see the documentary about him, "Dreams With Sharp Teeth"? Do you want to see it on a big screen at the South Bank Centre? Introduced by the director, Erik Nelson? With (technology permitting) a speakerphone Q&A with Harlan after the screening, conducted by TV's James Moran (me)??

If you answered "yes" to some or all those questions, then you're in luck! The South Bank Centre are screening the fantastic documentary, on Friday 18th June, at 9pm, introduced by director Erik Nelson. Afterwards, assuming the technology works, we'll phone up Harlan at his home in LA, and I'll be conducting (well, sitting quietly while he talks at great length) a Q&A, asking a few questions of my own and hopefully plenty of yours too. Bear in mind that even a simple, short answer becomes an epic, 2 hour tale when Harlan speaks, so we might only get to ask one question. And if the speakerphone technology fails us, we'll probably be able to hear him anyway, because that mofo can PROJECT, folks. On foggy days, he is hired to stand on the coast and warn approaching ships about the rocks. NASA have him on standby to shatter dangerous asteroids by shouting at them.* If he raises his voice too much, it echoes backwards through time, making The Big Bang cover its ears and shriek "what the hell was THAT??"**

"But TV's James Moran," I hear you cry, "Times are hard! I can't afford the frivolous expense of going to see some documentary about a writer! Even one as handsome, clever and charming as Harlan Ellison!" Well fear not, because the tickets are free. Yes, FREE, gratis, for nothing. You still have to book tickets, but they won't cost you a penny. There's a transaction fee if you book online (£1.45) or by phone (£2.50), but you can always go to the box office in person and book them, and that way there'll be no fee at all.

So run, don't walk, to the nearest phone, computer, or South Bank Centre ticket office, and book now, before they run out of seats. It's filling up fast, don't be left out. More details, address and seating plans are all at the website. Good luck! Hope to see you there.

* I'm aware sound cannot travel in the vacuum of space. But seriously, that doesn't take into account how loud Harlan can shout.

** I'm also aware the The Big Bang was a cosmic event, and not some anthropomorphic figure that can cover its ears, not that it even has ears. But again, Harlan's yell makes the impossible possible.

*** There is no third footnote.