Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GameCityNights 6

So I seem to have been pretty steadily doing a new post every Monday, purely by accident (although last Monday's was deliberately aimed there), and I built up a backlog of stuff so that I'd always be ahead of the game and not fall behind. Until yesterday - I was out all day and had run out of reserve posts. But hey, what's a day between internet chums, eh internet chums??

Last Friday I went to the 6th GameCityNights event in Nottingham, which was brilliant fun. I was there with Charles Cecil (gaming overlord) and Anwen Aspden (BBC Interactive Exec Producer overlord - overlady?) to talk about Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. It went very well, and was the sort of place you could safely drop in a reference to the strange descriptive text you get in the Resident Evil games when examining items that are of no use.

Once the panel was over, I was given a massive cocktail called a TARDIS, which was very blue and tasty. And then they kept giving me more, helping me work my way through the menu (cocktail ingredients, pics and more details here). They had lots of local developers there to show off their stuff, including a really lovely game called Blind Girl. You play a blind girl (hence the name) who navigates around a series of weird environments using the sound waves from her footsteps, or from a song that she sings. It was great, and I hope they do a PS3 and/or iPhone version so I can give them money. At the moment it's available on Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace, so go and check it out if you can. I don't have links to the other games, due to a terrible memory, but if anyone wants me to link them up here, say the word and I'll update the post.

Thank you to everyone involved for being so welcoming and fun, and particularly to Chloe who got me *two* cocktails, and then poured me into a minicab once my brain had shut down. Oh, and sorry we couldn't really say anything about the next games, hopefully we'll be able to come back another time when one or both of them have been released. If you're in the area, or thinking of being in the area, go along to their events, you'll have a great time - check their website for details.