Monday, July 05, 2010


You've probably noticed that I've done a bit of a blog redecoration and cleanup. The sidebar was getting a bit dusty, and I've had the previous template for ages, so it was time to change things around, now that there are some lovely new templates available. Had no idea that Blogger now lets you create separate standalone pages, so there's now a Contact Details page. Oh, and there's a fancy new Twitter widget, replacing the simple link I had before. I'm sure everyone found out about these new Blogger things ages ago, but I'm a bit late to the party. Fashionably late, surely. But it's all good fun.

Hey, you know what else is fun?? Saying something tiny and vague on The Twitter about various cool news items, which people then misquote, deciding you said something else entirely so they can get all annoyed about it. That's *lots* of fun! Oh wait, no it's not fun at all, my mistake, it's a boring pain in the arse. For future reference: if you have an issue with something I've said, please make sure I actually said it before you respond, it's less confusing that way. You know, if it's not too much trouble. Thanks! Love you! Well, most of you! And I look forward to finding out how this paragraph means I hate Albanian joggers, or something.

There should be some announcements soon, as things I've worked on start coming together. Keep watching the skies! Well, keep watching the blog, as the announcements will be here, and not in the skies. Otherwise it'd cost a fortune in skywriting.