Friday, July 02, 2010

TV Writers' Festival

Just heading back home from the TV Writers' Festival, which was incredibly helpful and energising. Speakers included Tony Marchant, Jack Thorne, Lizzy Mickery, Polly Hill, Ben Stephenson, and loads more, and the panels were just what I was hoping for, with people I'm in awe of. I remember when I first saw Holding On, and Common As Muck, and still wish I could do something like that. Very inspiring, though it had the effect of making me want to run off and get writing, so probably good that it was only a 2 day event. Only downside for me was missing a couple of panels I really wanted to see, several brilliant things were scheduled at the same time, resulting in some tough choices. Maybe next time it could be longer, without the double sessions. But being spoilt for choice isn't a terrible complaint, it was such a great event. Great to see what must have been a 50/50 male/female ratio in attendees, too, which can only be a good thing for the future of the industry.

Also met loads of fellow writers, some I've met before, some I haven't. All were absolutely lovely and fun to be around. Except that Arnopp chap, he's a right troublemaker- he stabbed three people just for asking him if he wanted tea. Very bad form.

I won't do loads of notes about each session, as I'm sure lots of people will post their own, proper reports online - but I'll link to any good ones I find. If you didn't go, I highly recommend getting along to the next one, it's an extremely valuable event and I'm hugely grateful to all involved for putting it on. Special mention to Mr Stephenson, for not only turning up, but staying with us the whole time, being accessible, and conducting lots of panels brilliantly. The man is clearly committed to and passionate about writers and drama, and I was really surprised and pleased to see him getting properly stuck in.

Update: David Bishop has a superb collection of links to writeups about the event here, which is well worth a read.