Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - "TARDIS"

"TARDIS", my episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is released this Friday, 27th August. There's a new monster, a new type of dangerous situation, and yes, you'll be able to control the TARDIS yourself. I know! I'm really excited to see it go out into the world, even more so now since I discovered that-- oh, but I can't say that yet. You'll find out… There's all sorts of fun things to discover, which I'll talk about once the information is released.

Both the PC and Mac versions will be out on the same day, and those of you outside the UK won't have to wait either - it'll be released for you to buy at the same time. You can still buy the first two online here, and I imagine TARDIS will be available in the same place. As before, I don't know any more technical details than that, I'm at the creative end, luvvies. Also I'd probably get something wrong, so I just copy stuff from official releases to make sure I get it right.

And there'll be a cool thing happening tomorrow, related to the game, which I can't possibly tell you about right now. Just wait until tomorrow!