Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sex, Wales & Anarchy 3

Sex, Wales and Anarchy is an event for unsigned musicians and artists, a "showcase for the overlooked", organised by Newport's own Gareth David-Lloyd. It's on at The Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay, Saturday 4th September from 2pm, and will feature all sorts of bands, art, spoken word, tattoos, graffiti, and much more. A late addition to the guests is an extremely handsome, talented writer called - oh, how predictably yet surprisingly embarrassing! It's me! There's loads of people and stuff to see, so I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be doing a panel about Girl Number 9, an independent production starring Gareth, and talking about what it takes to make a web show on your own terms.

You can also see Gareth's band Blue Gillespie, poet Patrick Jones (the brother of Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers), folk singer Maddie Jones, and loads more, including a Swansea metal band, and some Newport drum & bass. It should be a brilliant day (and night, it goes on till 4am or something - but I've phoned my mum and she says I can stay up), so come along if you like the sound of that, say hello, and see some cool, clever people doing cool, clever stuff.

Ticket details are here (warning: features a picture of a lady's bum, if you're at work), it's 10 quid for the day, 10 for the night, or 15 for the whole thing, but you must be 18 or over. The Facebook page is here, and they're on The Twitter here - they've even got a Retweeting competition to win 2 tickets, so get in there quick while you can. Fly, my pretties! Fly!