Friday, September 10, 2010

"TARDIS" interview and Highlander teaser

Two mini items for your blogular pleasure:

I recently did an interview about "TARDIS", my episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, in which I talk about… well, the game, obviously. It was filmed in the Big Finish studios, where Sarah Douglas was recording her lines as The Entity - I got to meet her, the lovely Nicholas Briggs, and the equally lovely Barnaby Edwards. I'd just recovered from an attack of the Space Virus, so I look a bit bewildered and tired, but I think I mostly made sense. Anyway, enough of my yakking, go and look at it!

A teaser for the second season of the Highlander audio plays is now online, so feast your ears upon the Big Finish podcast to hear it (direct link to mp3 file, the teaser bit starts at around 19 minutes 43 seconds). You can pre-order the plays now, from here - they're 4 linked stories, I wrote the 4th one, and the brilliant Scott Andrews wrote the first 3. Don't forget, Big Finish makes its audios easily available to buy and download, for very reasonable prices, and they don't punish honest customers with silly DRM - so please don't nick it or give away copies, they work really hard to give you quality entertainment, and they deserve your support and cash.