Monday, October 25, 2010

Jodie on The Sarah Jane Adventures

Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures continues on CBBC this week, starting today with "Death of the Doctor", and it's a particularly exciting episode for several reasons: Russell T Davies is writing it, Matt Smith is guest starring as the Doctor, it sees the return of Katy Manning as Jo Grant - Jo Grant! - and, most excitingly for me, it features the voice of my ridiculously talented wife Jodie Kearns in some of Sam Watts' brilliant music.

She also did some vocals for part 2 of Joe Lidster's "The Nightmare Man" story that opened series 4, and you can hear that here at Sam's website - scroll down and play the track called "I Wasn't Talking To You". She's at the start, but also breaks into full on operatic mayhem towards the end, it's fantastic.

It's so cool and strange hearing Jodie singing on a TV show I love, particularly a Doctor Who related show, it feels almost like she's suddenly walked into shot. But I get the same feeling when she's on stage, for a moment I panic, and think "OMG! She's walked on stage! In the middle of someone's show!" - then my brain remembers she's supposed to be there. And now her voice is inside the TV. It be witchcraft, I tells ya!

Part 1 is on Monday 25th October, 5.15pm, CBBC, or Wednesday 27th, 4.30pm, BBC1. Part 2 is on Thursday 28th, 4.30pm, BBC1, or Friday 29th, 9am, CBBC. Glue your eyeballs to the nearest TV, and watch. Note: please do not *actually* glue your eyeballs to anything, this will cause irreparable damage to your sight and I will go to prison forever.

Update! Here's a piece of Sam's music from the episode, featuring Jodie's vocals. Go listen!