Friday, October 22, 2010

No news is good news, unless it's bad, or nothing at all

Blimey, got into a good rhythm there, a blog entry every Monday, then it wobbled, skipped, and now it's been a month. But sometimes I can't think of anything to talk about that deserves a full post. I'd rather just wait until I have something to say, rather than force an entry (if you'll pardon the expression). It's much easier to spout random silliness on The Twitter, which I do quite a lot.

And there isn't always much to say. I write, at home, and even when I'm working on cool scripts with monsters and aliens and serial killers, it's just me, sitting at a desk or on a sofa, typing (or pacing around and swearing). Sometimes I meet producers, directors, etc, in tiny offices in central London, and we talk about the pieces of paper I've written on. I go back home, and write more. It's only when things get made that there's actual *stuff* to report here. As I've been busily working on all new stuff in development for well over a year now, there's not a lot to announce yet.

Several TV things are waiting for people to say yes or no, as are several movie things. One of the TV things is at first draft stage, one has a 3rd draft, and now moving to series outline, one has just got the go ahead to start outlining episode 1, one is a pitch that a production company is interested in. Two movies have first drafts - one is Project Stab, a spec horror comedy, one is Project Pulp, the script I was commissioned to write. Two more are all written, optioned, and trying to attract funding. Two more are outlines looking for potential backers. One one only exists in my head, and some garbled notes in a text file. They could all suddenly spring to life and get moving, or just get a quiet rejection and die.

Development is slow. It's just the way it is, always has been, always will be. But you line up lots of things, do a draft of one while waiting to hear about another, and hope that one or more will keep going. You can't wait around, you have to take advantage of the time to work on lots of things, and do some specs of your own that will hopefully sell or get you other jobs. So I'm actually quite busy, probably busier than I would be if one or two of them went into full production. This all sounds quite miserable now I read over it, it's not meant to be - just trying to show that even when I'm busily working on several cool things, there's never really much exciting stuff to tell you about. But I get to make up stories for a living, and I love what I do.

There should be actual Things to mention soon though, one will be next week, and others will gradually appear when they're ready. Lots happening behind the scenes though. I'm like a duck, with the swimmy feet under the surface, or something. But the feet are typing on a tiny, underwater computer keyboard. Well, a typewriter, the computer wouldn't work underwater. Although the typewriter would sink. And ducks can't type, even if they could see what their feet were doing. So, not really like that. But you get the idea.