Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I confuse myself sometimes

Occasionally, and I'm not proud of it - although, let's be honest, I actually *am* geekily proud of it - I'll put overly obscure jokes or references into scripts. But one time, I wrote a joke so obscure, that when the producer asked me what it meant, I HAD NO IDEA. I still don't. I remember laughing when I wrote it, so it clearly meant something at the time, but I haven't got a clue what that might be.

So here is the snippet of script featuring that joke:

There you go. The bit that confuses me is Lisa's first line, "Only if it's not in black and white." Why is that funny? Why is it clever? What does she mean? I get the bit about photographers doing rude things with lenses and tripods, but what's the "not in black and white bit" referring to? How does that make it filthy? Arg!

There's a valuable lesson here about not being too clever and tricksy in scripts, but I probably won't listen to myself, as usual. The "joke" has been gone since that early draft, as I still don't understand it. If you know what it means, answers on a postcard to the usual place. Please use correct postage, and only one side of the postcard. If you haven't got a postcard, use a stuck-down envelope. If you haven't got a stuck-down envelope, use a stuck-down elephant.

Is it obvious that I'm avoiding working on an outline?? No?? Good.

Update: Several people - enough so that I'm starting to feel a bit silly - have sent me the same possible answer: black and white nudie images = art, colour nudie images = porn. That sounds likely, and may have been what I was going for. I'm not entirely sure though, as I still can't remember. But I reckon that was it. Hooray!