Thursday, December 16, 2010

Severance on BBC1 Friday 17th! And Blu Ray!

Severance news! And to answer your next 3 questions, yes I'm *still* going on about that movie, no it will *never* end, and no there's no escape.

It's getting another UK TV screening this Friday 17th December at 11.30pm, on BBC One and BBC One HD too. It'll be available for a while at the link once it has been shown on TV. I was surprised to see it appearing on the HD channel, as I'm not aware of any high definition copies ever being made.

So I had a quick search, and discovered some Blu Ray editions, which I had no idea existed, but hey, why would *I* of all people need to be told about anything like that…

If you live in Germany - or anywhere German- or English-speaking, for that matter, as there's an English audio track too - you can get a shiny Blu Ray copy from here. There's a German review of the disc here, or you can click here for Google's translated version.

And if you live in Australia - or anywhere else that speaks Australian, which is remarkably similar to English in many ways, I'm told - you can buy a double feature Blu Ray with Black Sheep and Severance on the same disc here - but it's missing all the special features of the DVD. There's a review of the disc here.

Both reviews above say the image quality is pretty good overall, so I'll be picking up a copy to check it out. But mainly because it'll go nicely on the shelf with my UK version, US version, German version, Spanish version ("Desmembrados"), my bootleg Hong Kong version (written and directed by Michael Mann, apparently) and soon the official Thai version. And to answer your *next* 3 questions, no I can't help myself, yes it's sad, and no I didn't have many friends as a child.

By the way, if you live in a Foreign Country (i.e. not the UK) and there's a local version of Severance on the DVD shelves, could you please take a photo of it for me? If the cover is different and interesting, then I'll probably want to grab a copy. Bonus points if it's got a cool, translated title like "Desmembrados". Thanks!