Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Finish audio and Torchwood Kindle news

Some actual news! Blimey, you're probably dying of shock as I type this. So I should probably call an ambulance or something. In the meantime, try to stay comfortable.

I've written a short story for Volume 2 of the Big Finish Short Trips CDs, which is released in March. Each CD contains a story about Doctors 1 to 8, read by actors from or relevant to their respective eras. So you can probably work out from the order of the cast list and order of the writers, that I've written a 7th Doctor and Ace story, which is read by the lovely and brilliant Sophie Aldred. I've wanted to write for that team for *ages*, and am really pleased that Sophie is reading out my words. I may have gushed a bit when I met her and Sylvester McCoy, as I loved their time on DW. Also on Volume 2 is a story by Darren Goldsmith from the Twitter, and Simon Guerrier from… well, from a magical land where tall men roam free. There are other marvellous writers on there too, but I have no comedy names for them, so they must remain anonymous. Unless you look at the page I linked to above.

Volume 4 is out in August, and features a story by Jason Arnopp, read by Peter Davison. Lord Arnopp has been fantastically busy lately, so get over to his blog to see all the other great stuff he's got upcoming, and stuff you can buy RIGHT NOW. Also, he's just landed himself an agent, so huge congratulations are in order. Go and touch him!

Still on Big Finish, the second season of Highlander audio plays has been slightly delayed to March, but is all going well and on track for the new release date. Get in there.

And in techno-magic news, the electronic elves of Book Mountain have worked their trickery on the Torchwood: Consequences book, and turned it into a Kindle edition that you can read on your Kindles or iPhones or iPads or (insert other device here, no, don't insert it like *that*, you'll hurt yourself). So if you buy it, you'll have a virus on your machine! Okay, a story called "Virus". Which isn't about a computer virus. Shut up, the joke still works. Sort of.