Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SFX Weekender 2011

Announcement! This is me announcing an announcement!

I will be a guest at the 2011 SFX Weekender, from 4th-5th February - you can click here for the full, amazing list of guests. Look at those names! Not mine, all the other ones! I really enjoyed last year's Weekender, and I'm really looking forward to going again. Well, going to the Weekender again, I mean, not going to last year's one again, that would be very difficult, we'd have the Blinovitch Limitation Effect to worry about for a start.

Go here to check out the ticket situation and all that stuff, they have all the details you'll need. I'll be on a panel or two, talking nonsense, not sure what the panels are yet, but the schedule should arrive soon. Hope to see you there if you're going, come and say hello. Hint: when I'm not on panels, I'll probably be in the pub.