Tuesday, March 01, 2011

News, Gallifrey, space, and Hub

Some news updates! Updates made of pure, undiluted Newsanium!

Still fighting the jetlag from the Gallifrey One convention, where I had a fantastic time. Everyone was really lovely and made me feel incredibly welcome. Look! Look at them all, being welcoming!

Blimey, that's a lot of people. Bit terrifying when you're standing on the main stage. I won't do a full report again, as it'd probably take me a year to write like the first one I did. But it was absolutely brilliant. Especially when an adorable, tiny little kid asked me a wonderfully geeky question about the logic behind a scene in my TARDIS game. The audience went "ooh", expecting me to faff and dissemble, but I had a long, geeky answer all ready to trot out, and finished with "don't try to out-nerd me…" I have to know all the explanations to everything in my scripts, even if it's never said on screen, because it drives me mad otherwise. Except for the plot holes that I haven't spotted, but we don't talk about those.

It's a lovely, friendly convention, and in the evenings everyone just hangs around in the lobby, boozing, chatting, and being silly. Randomly, Aaron Douglas was passing through for totally unconnected reasons, and got grabbed by lots of friendly folk demanding to buy him drinks. Look! There's me and the Chief from BSG! Pondering life's mysteries!

We got on really well, until I said the wrong thing, and all of a sudden he turned on me:

Actors, eh? You just never know when they'll try to kill you with their bare hands. It's even worse than the time back in 2007 at the Fantasporto film festival when electro-punk goddess Peaches tried to steal my Severance screenplay award:

She was all "I just want to have a look" and then suddenly she was fighting me for it. But hey, at least she didn't try to kill me. We'll meet again, Aaron Douglas. This isn't over.

One of the Gallifrey panels was a live podcast recording, for Radio Free Skaro, with me, Phil Ford, Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman, and Joss Agnew. You can hear it here, so go and check it out, it's good fun.

I'll be a guest at the Leicester Space Centre's BritSciFi event on Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th March - the proceeds go to charity, other guests include the legendary Gerry Anderson, and the also legendary Phil Ford, and it should be a really fun weekend. Come and say hello if you're nearby, or I'll have you sent into space. I can do that, I know people. Space people.

And finally, I'll also be a guest at The Hub 6, on May 20th-22nd, at the Park Inn, Northampton. I'll be on the main page soon, I'm listed in the forum though. But never mind me, they've also got James Marsters and his cheekbones, Colin MacFarlane and his silky smooth voice, and Ben Loyd-Holmes and his sinister Operative stare of doom. Feel the quality of those guests! Actually, don't, that's assault, unless they say it's okay. It's my first Hub, but I've heard they get quite rowdy and mad, so I'm looking forward to it. And if you're offering, I'll have a JD and diet Coke, please.

That's all for now, hopefully more news later, and a long rambly post that will probably take forever to finish.