Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Various things, and Paul Cornell's beard

Been a bit hectic round here lately, with the final pre-production before shooting starts on Cockneys, and lots of other projects needing care and attention too. I'm working on a long rambly post about rejection, because people ask me about it a lot, but it's going to take a while to finish. In the meantime, I'll try to post about other things, and hopefully will do updates about the current movie, if/when I can. It starts filming on Monday, and we're having a big cast readthrough tomorrow to see how the dialogue plays with everyone there. Should be good fun, they're a fantastic group of actors and I'm really excited that they're involved.

Last reminder that I'm a guest at the Leicester Space Centre's BritSciFi event this Saturday and Sunday, 19th-20th March. Phil Ford will be there too, along with Gerry Anderson, and lots of other cool folk.

Sir Jason of Arnoppshire has got a Doctor Who audiobook out now, called The Gemini Contagion - you can get it on CD, or download, online or in physical shop type things. Go and check out his blog for the details, or he'll turn up at your house at the crack of midnight, wielding a knife and shrieking about Satan. Just like he does at mine every single night.

And most importantly, Paul Cornell is growing a big scary beard to raise money for Shelter - go over there and donate if you can, or just spread the word if you can't afford cash. It's a very worthy cause, and he is posting a succession of beard photos which I hope someone will make into an animated gif once it's all done, so we can see the beard lunge forth. Paul: save those pics! This must happen!