Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diff Con

Another convention to add to your list, this time in Cardiff: Diff Con is on 19th-21st August 2011, at the Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel and Spa. There are all sorts of exciting guests, including Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Ray Holman, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Katy Wix, Neil Roberts, Paul Kasey, John Jenner, and an exceedingly handsome, talented writer called - oh, how unexpected and embarrassing! It's me! But never mind me, they've got a brilliant guest list, and the whole event should be loads of fun.

If you book before 1st May, tickets are £80, then they're £90 until July 10th, and £100 after that. You get one free autograph from every guest, and photos are separate. I'm on the free signing list, by the way, and won't be charging to sign things, so if you want me to scribble on a DVD or whatever, just come and find me whenever. There'll be the usual type of panels you'd expect, signing sessions, photos, all that good stuff, and parties, smaller talks, and a dealers' room. By the way, "dealers' room" means they sell books, DVDs and action figures etc, NOT drugs. I learned that lesson the hard way.