Monday, May 16, 2011

"Suddenly" news, and general things

Small snippets before the next big post, which will be a long one. It'll either be about dealing with rejection, or taking general meetings as a new writer, whichever one gets finished first. Or possibly something else when neither of them gets finished.

As you can see, I've changed the template and fiddled with it a bit, because the old one was getting a bit cluttered. I've had lots of Blogger "Pages" for the contact details, about me, credits and so on, but they've been buried in a messy links sidebar. Now they're in a shiny new menu at the top, thanks to Blogger being nice and easy to use. I had a separate information page at, but I got rid of it and have pointed the domain to this blog. Now that I can have all the info pages here, there's no need for another site.

One of my new projects has just been announced in Cannes, a remake of the 1954 movie "Suddenly", which originally starred Frank Sinatra in an electrifying performance. It's a cracking thriller, and one that lends itself really well to a new update, so I'll try my best to do it justice. Update: It's also mentioned in Variety, with its wonderfully terse sentence structure.

I've completely locked down my personal Facebook page, because it's for friends and family only, and I'm not comfortable with people I don't know seeing private stuff - but my public Facebook page is open to everyone, and you can go and "like" it here if you fancy that sort of thing.

Should have another big piece of news soon, which I'm extremely happy about, so keep an eye out. Not that you'll need to, as I'll be shouting it from the rooftops when I'm allowed to talk about it. Only, not *actual* rooftops, that's a bit dangerous. Internet rooftops.