Friday, September 02, 2011

Halloween: H33 - online now

The FrightFest short that I wrote and directed is now online! It's called "Hallow33n: H33", and is a fake trailer for a terrible sequel to Halloween. The idea is that it's 33 years later, Michael Myers is much older and grumpier (and chattier), and has been moved to England to try and calm him down.

It's very silly, very gory, very sweary, and not at all suitable for children, or the elderly, or anyone in between. It's not rated, but would probably be about a 15 (or "R" for US folk) - there's a lot of naughty words and violence, but all for comic effect. Don't say I didn't warn you. Also, it's not region locked, so everyone in the world can watch, for free, right now:

It was a huge amount of fun to make, and I learned a lot from directing. In a week or two, I'll start doing more blog posts about the process, maybe even taking you through it from beginning to end. Or I might just do one big post. Depends how I feel at the time. And as there are no comments allowed, I can pretend that you all just instantly agreed to whatever I decide! Ha! Take THAT, imaginary internet people!

I'm trying to get all the credits on IMDB, but it's being very slow, so I'll probably just post them all on here once I have them all double checked. In the meantime, that's the amazing Sarah Douglas as Dr Loomis, the superb music was specially composed for us by Sam Watts, and the fantastic gore effects were provided by Dan Martin at 13 Finger FX.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you want to ask questions about it, fire them at me through Twitter or my Facebook page. I'll answer as many as I can on here, in the next post.