Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The playable newsletter

Now that it's available, I can finally talk about it - I've written a Fighting Fantasy-style mini adventure with the fantastic Ian Livingstone. It's in the pages of the latest GameCityNights newsletter, so you can read the newsletter and then play it. You can get it by going to one of their events in Nottingham. The next one is this Thursday 29th September, all details here.

GameCityNights is a regular games event, and really good fun. I went to it last year for the Doctor Who Adventure Games, and they tried to murder me by FORCING me to drink lots of Doctor Who themed cocktails. They forced me by showing me the cocktail menu and saying "would you like some cocktails?" I was so terrified of this threatening behaviour, I drank as many cocktails as I could, before escaping. So just be careful if you do go along. You WILL have a great time.

I'm so thrilled to have done this, I always loved the Fighting Fantasy books. And after years of guilt, I was able to confess to Ian about my "five finger bookmark" method of hedging my bets when playing the books. But I'm sure I wasn't alone in that...