Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Severance on BBC3 tonight at 10pm, and Sunday 30th 00:35

Subject line says it all, really. But I'll ramble on anyway. Yes! Severance is on telly again tonight in the UK, on BBC3 at 10pm. You should already be watching BBC3 at that time because you'll have just finished the finale of the brilliant The Fades, at 9pm. So stick around on the channel and check out my first movie, made back when I was young and beautiful, as opposed to slightly-less-young but still beautiful.

It's repeated again Saturday night/Sunday morning at 00:35, same Bat-channel, and will be on iPlayer for a bit after that. So you really have no excuses if you want to see it, it's been on telly loads now, for free. Record it, watch it, iPlayer it, do what you have to do. If you want to, of course. And are in the UK. And alive. And not dead. And have a head.

If you're outside the UK, it's still very cheap on DVD, and I think the USA has it streaming free on Netflix or XBox Live or SpaceMagicSuperMovieFunWeb or whatever legal service is offering it at the moment. Watch it legally, kids! Support low budget UK movies and we'll get to make more of them for you! If you watch it illegally... well, nothing will happen to you, I'm not interested in criminalising someone who wants to see something of mine, but it will hurt me and people like me. Is that what you want?? Note: if it is, please don't do it anyway. I've got a cold, be nice.

Update! Severance is now available on iPlayer, until Sunday 6th November. No excuses!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Fades

If you're not watching The Fades, currently showing on BBC3 here in the UK, you are *really* missing out. It's written by Jack Thorne, and it's fucking fantastic. You want more great genre TV, made with love, passion and intelligence? Well go and support it when it happens. Episodes 1 to 4 are on iPlayer for the rest of this month, go and catch up now before episode 5 airs next week (updated to include episode 4):

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Please support a proper UK genre show, go and give it some love. Show the channels that there's a huge audience for this kind of thing, and hopefully we'll get more of it.

Monday, October 03, 2011

World's Collider and GameCityNights

Some news! Some actual news! Behold:

I'm writing a short story for a new anthology called World's Collider. It's a really cool shared world anthology, and I'm in very impressive company. The editor is the brilliant Richard Salter, who gave me my first print short story commission ages ago in Short Trips: Transmissions. Click here to go to the Facebook page for more details, and click here to see the table of contents with the story titles and authors. And when I say "I'm writing a short story", I obviously mean "I will be writing a short story, hopefully sometime before the deadline arrives, and before Mr Salter shoots me in the face with a Deadline Gun." I'm really pleased to be part of this, and can't wait to get started.

GameCityNights, the gaming event in Nottingham, has invited me back again, having clearly not learned its lesson from the last time I was there. I'll be there on Friday 28th October, for their Fear Friday event, talking a bit about Cockneys Vs Zombies (just a bit, no spoilers), and taking part in a panel discussion about horror. There are lots of other guests, including Charlie Higson, who will be reading from his new zombie novel, and politely listening to my drunken Ted and Ralph impressions later in the evening until he can escape. I recently did a playable newsletter for GameCityNights, which you can pick up for free in many of Nottingham's "bars, venues, cafes, shops, and other establishments". It's a Fighting Fantasy micro-adventure called "The Tentacled Horror", written by me and Ian Livingstone, so see if you can track down a copy.

In movie news, sonar-emitting mole-people are still working away in darkened rooms on Cockneys Vs Zombies and Tower Block, doing editing and soundy and effecty things. No news yet on release dates, but I will of course be shouting about them when I know.

Nothing else to report for now, or at least, nothing I can talk about. Still doing lots of in-development stuff, embryonic new shows, possible new movies, too early to mention yet.

Oh, and one other little thing: I was recently made Emperor of the Known and Unknown Universe, forever. So yeah, I've got that going for me now. Please don't bow, there's no need for that. Just nod and smile.